Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Anthem Lights

For the past few years while wintering in Phoenix, Arizona we have been working for a local holiday decorating company, Holiday Lights. Last year we decorated homes in some pretty exclusive neighborhoods and this year we worked on a project for a light show. These are a few of the displays that we worked on that were set up for the show. For more information please email us or go to our website at http://www.hittheroadjackenterprises.com/

Jack in the Box

The Robot
Ship in the Lake
T Rex - A Friendly Dinosaur

Blue Dog
He was in the parade for the announcement of the light show!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Have you ever heard of a Coinless Laundromat?

Neither had we until yesterday and we will never use another one again.

We are currently working security at a Community Park that has no amenities so we had to search for the nearest Laundromat. Incidentally, self-serve laundry facilities are very rare in certain areas we have noticed and we just so happen to be an area that the nearest one was quite a few miles away. We packed it all up and headed for the closest one and found it quite easily so we thought it was going to be a great time.

We were soon disillusioned as we opened the door and things did not seem right, there were strange amount charges, such as $1.19 for a wash and $.39 to dry and there were no coin slots on them, only a place to slide a card, like a credit card but not. As I began to sort through the clothes, Jerry proceeded to the area where there was information about these cards. After a short time I noticed the very puzzled look on his face so I went over to assist and soon I had the same look on my face. Finally I inserted $5 to load a card and the card value was only $4.50, we were confused and looked around for some assistance. I noticed this one girl on her cell phone and I asked if she worked there and she nodded yes, then when I asked if she could help she nodded no and motioned that she was on the phone. As I patiently waited I soon began to lose my patience and when she got off the phone I asked if she could help and that is when I found out she hardly spoke any English. At that time another patron tried to assist and she too did not speak very much English and they both kept insisting that I put more money onto the card.

We were so confused since we were only doing three loads and it should not be costing us so much and that we were not going to be able to get refunded for the balance on our card. After a bit more conversing with them and getting nowhere I asked out loud if there was anyone that could help us out. Finally a woman approached us and gave us some tips and explained how it worked and after a bit more conversation we found out that they were fellow full-time RVers. We gave them our business card so they could email us their address and we can keep in touch with one another. There is always some good that comes out of bad or weird encounters and even though we may not know exactly what that may be at this moment we are sure to find out someday.

One thing we know for sure, we will not be using a “Coinless Laundromat” again since in the end it cost us more then it would have at a normal laundry facility due to the funds left on the card and also the machines continued to deduct more off the card then what was listed on the machines and it was impossible to convey this to the help.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Jerry’s idea but I am going right along with it and it‘s fun. I love having people look at us as if we have lost our minds when all we are really doing is just being ourselves and having the best time of our lives. We have both gone beyond worrying what others think or say about us and are truly living life to the fullest. Since I carry my camera every place we go it was easy enough when we were in Wal-Mart and seen Tony’s cardboard figure to just mosey up to it and take some photos and then...

When we were checking out the Basha's located inside the PIR area we couldn't resist taking a photo with Richard Petty. Now our goal is to get as many as possible and we are off and running!

Friday, November 03, 2006

We are 5th in line as of Wednesday - There are so many more now - This is the parking lot that will be full soon!

Phoenix International Raceway (PIR)
Wow, we are here in our own home, what a fabulous feeling. We are a bit earlier than planned but as we know plans change and we just flow with it. We had planned to come out on this coming Saturday to get in line for the unreserved camping and came out for a look and see on Monday and that is when we stopped and talked with others already in line and were informed if we wait until Saturday we will not get the spot we had wanted, which you can see by the photos taken on Wednesday of the line. So change of plans and we are tailgating and are in the top five, actually 5th in line.

Let me explain this line, we are pulled over on the side of a road adjacent to the track waiting for the gate to open on Saturday when we can go to the staging area to wait until the gates open at 8am on Monday morning when we can then go to our campsite. As we sleep at night the cars and trucks wiz by at 55 and much higher and our rig shakes, rattles and rolls all night. Apparently there is a cement company just down the road that is open 24 hours a day and they are busy. Also, there seems to be many people who think it is funny at all hours of the night to as they pass by the line to honk their horns for the entire line. Once they let us into the staging area we will then be off the road and into the raceway area the noise level and activity of vehicles passing us so closely will end but for the next few days we are just trying to enjoy this all and as usual go with the flow.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mountain Springs Ranch
Carrizozo, New Mexico
October 22, 2006
2 out of 5 Rating
Happy Camper Member - YES
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What a spectacular view on the drive into the campground right off the highway!

The walk up to the office, restrooms, laundry facilities and the club house from the site we chose.

Hippie learning all about the prickly bushes that are all over the desert, including the rattlesnakes I had to warn him about.

One of the campsites, most were pretty level but many had huge divots along the sides of the sites that were caused from the rushing of the water of recent heavy rains but all was dry for our stay.

I am very partial to mountain views and these were just incredible!

Panhandle Campground
Guymon, Oklahoma
October 22, 2006
1 out of 5 Rating
Happy Camper Member - YES
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Hippie outside the office just hanging out!

Our campsite was flat and a good size.

Hippie just loves the swings in these campgrounds.

Bar-B-Q Area

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Oasis RV Park
South Haven, Kansas
October 21, 2006
2 out of 5 Rating
Happy Camper Member - YES
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No frills, just a place to pull-thru and hook-up!

Taking a swing on a very cold morning!

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Cross Creek RV Park & Campground
Lake Ozark, Missouri
3.5 out of 5 Rating
Happy Camper Member - YES
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Jerry & Hippie following the signs!

Wendy, an owner getting us all checked in.

Hippie spotting the free coffee for the morning, just in case our pot is empty!

An area just outside the office/store for all your communication needs.

The showers were the perfect setup, a step down to avoid anything getting wet.

Jerry & Hippie taking a walk down to the lake.

Hippie wanting to take a boat ride, the season was over and it was too cold.

This was the slighter steep hill to the campsite we stayed at for the evening.

There are also unique cabins to rent!

And, a very special tent site on an island all by itself.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Pettibone Resort
Lacrosse, Wisconsin
4 out of 5 Rating
Happy Camper Member - YES
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Tiffany was working in the store/office and Hippie wanted to get friendly since they also serve cocktails and he was ready for one.

This sign was so perfect!

Hippie was having fun with all the animal carvings around the campground.

The campsites are very spacious, some are located right on the river and each site only offers electric and water. As explained by Tiffany they were not able to have sewer at every site because they are in a low ground area but they do have a dump station located on the way out of the park.

The store was well stocked and if they don't have it you probably really don't need it anyway!

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Our first day was a successful one! We made it to our destination and we had fun doing it, all that makes a journey a success. We had to change our plans periodically due to the weather conditions but all in all we had a great time. We drove along the "The Great River Road" along the Mississippi River and it was beautiful.

Today, we may not put in many hours since we will be taking the time to put on the hitch brackets on the Jeep that we picked up at Camping World yesterday so that we may drive together according to plan.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Our Morning View!

How Could Life Get Any Better?

I think it can't but then...

It always does!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The leaves fell as if it were snowing yesterday and a total coating of leaves on the ground has replaced the green grass. The time is approaching fast for us to be heading to warmer climate and exploring our new and exciting lifestyle as we fill our senses with all that life has to give us this day. Being grateful cannot explain how overwhelmed we feel that life is opening doors for our best and grandest opportunities we could have ever imagined and all because we began to believe.

Monday, October 02, 2006

The days are getting shorter and in just a few days now we will be embarking on our new adventure and will be sharing it with everyone. Life is certainly full of great opportunities and I am so grateful for all the ones that are opening for us today and everyday. Life don't get no better than this. (I believe that just about every grammar rule was broken with that line.)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's incredible how your thoughts can change your entire life. We now focus on what is right in our lives and put all of our energy into everything that IS working and the challenges begin to diminish. Of course action is also part of this process but the very first step is to change your "Stinking Thinking" and find the good in every situation and move forward. We had been stuck for so very long and now we are moving forward with every step we take into a world that is open and full of possibilities. We are choosing to soar with every new opportunity a day brings to us. Thank you God!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

What a beautiful time of the year for all the fall colors!

The campsites are empty and the trees are in full bloom!

There are so many trees that are so tall and full of color!

The view across the lake has a different look to it too!

The season has come to an end and now all that is left is the shut down process and for us to enjoy the little time we have left in this area and of course hope it doesn't snow yet!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Living our lives on a wing and a prayer has been our new way of living freely and just going with the flow of life. Coming from a very rigid past we have to admit it has not always been an easy task to conquer but we are learning and growing more every day! In just a few short days we will be advancing into the next phase of our lives and will be sharing all the moments with our readers, friends and family. Thank you to all who have stayed with us throughout the past two years and now let the new and wonderful excitement begin.