Where we’ve been…All 48 lower…Where we are…Extensively traveling…Working and having a blast!

Where we’ve been…All 48 lower…Where we are…Extensively traveling…Working and having a blast!

Thursday, December 07, 2017

600 E. Saguaro Drive
Benson, AZ 85602

We paid $55.78 + electricity for 7 nights, yes you read that right. They had a special for first time visitors so we took full advantage of it and it is a fantastic place to stay. They offer cable TV but we used our DirecTV and we attempted a few times to connect to their WiFi but it was slow. Most of the sites belong to residents that sublet them out while they are not using them. Most of them have sheds on the lots where they cannot live in but is a nice addition to their site where they would park their RV’s. We are unable to use the shed but we did hang out on the patio.

They have plenty of activities if you are into that stuff, for us it was a relaxation week and getting over our stomach flu so we did not partake in any of their activities.

We did have an Escapees Membership many years ago but didn’t use it very much the first year so we never renewed it, but we have decided to renew it now.

The views in the area were spectacular...

Friday, December 01, 2017

Arriving in Arizona

After months and months of travel, we re-entered Arizona today and only an hour in I noticed a part coming out of our front end and fly across the highway and then we lost our power steering. It could have been so much worse since it is many miles of nothing along our travels today, but we were only a few miles from Willcox where we were able to man handle Maggie off the exit. A perfect exit where we found an AutoZone and then a KOA on the same exit. There was no way Jerry could replace the part without the engine first cooling down, so we opted to shorten our travel day.

Jerry is my hero. There was no hesitation, just a matter of fact take over the situation and get it done. He is such a masterful mechanic and for that reason alone is why we like the older Maggie. Jerry can fix anything that goes wrong with her but with the new computer based engines and all we would be dependent on others to fix her. We like it this way.

We are so blessed in so many ways, but to have everyday occurrences happen to us at the best opportune moments has always been such a great blessing for us.

We have also had tail winds the past few travel days so we have been getting 11 mpg, which is an entirely different blessing since we usually only get about 8 mpg.

We will be hanging out in Arizona for the next few months, not in the same area but all over the state and we are looking forward to warmer days and much warmer nights too.

We are in the process but still not finding a vehicle to tow but we keep looking, so if anyone out there has any suggestions, please let us know. We are currently in the Benson, Arizona area for a week or so before heading to Casa Grande for a few weeks, so let us know.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Has it Really Been Almost 2 Months?

Our last blog post was in the beginning of October and November is almost over, once again we didn’t make the time to update our blog with all our adventures. We just got so busy working and traveling that we felt rest was just a bit more important. Yes, this year our traveling was much more extensive and before we knew it, it is now over. We traveled over 9,000 miles in the past 10+ weeks and we are exhausted and will now take the next month to travel the way we like to do, under a few hundred miles per day with days in between to rest and relax.

We do want to get out of the cold nights and head to the desert, we begin working again mid-December in Casa Grande, Arizona. Because we were tired of taking Interstate 10 west, we chose to head back to Amarillo for a few days before we head west on Interstate 40, then turn south again on Interstate 25 into warmer days and nights. Hanging out in Benson and Casa Grande for a few weeks looking for a tow vehicle is our plan. Anybody have a tow vehicle for sale, or know of anyone that does that will be in that area, let us know so we can check it out? For now, we are just chilling for a few days up in Amarillo before we get on the road again and head to warmer climate.

We had some great times with PepWear this year, but there were some rough times as well that could have and should have been avoided but that will be in our negotiations IF we decide to do it again next year. We really do love the break from the RV Lifestyle for those few months, we love the travel but just not as extensive as this year was and we love the work, but we will have to weigh it all out and see if this might be something to pursue again next year.

As for a discussion for permanent work we had going on during this adventure, call us crazy but we turned down a 6-figure income because we did not want to go back into such a structured environment. It had some great points especially the money and included travel, but on their schedule and their choices of where we go. For the most part it had too much structure and even though we thought we might be able to do it for a few years, we decided that if these are our last years of living do we really want them to be living without our freedom, so we turned them down. It was NOT an easy decision, but the bottom line was all that money would not, could not buy our happiness and we were not willing to give up who we both have become to do it. We will figure out a way to get Maggie replaced without selling our souls and getting back into the rat race.

So now we will get back into our way of travel and keep you all updated on our whereabouts so we can possibly get some visits in this year.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

3725 Harrison Street
Vernon, TX 76384

Back to the roads less traveled and only traveling a few hundred miles per day with days off in between…LOVE IT!! We decided not to drive Interstate 10 out of Texas since we hate that drive so we chose to go north to Amarillo, then I-40 W to Albuquerque and then I-25 S to Las Cruces, New Mexico before heading west on Interstate 10 into Arizona, yes it was a few hundred miles out of our way but we have the time.

We headed north on US 287 from Weatherford, Texas, we stopped after about 165 miles in Vernon, Texas where we found a Walmart and the Rocking A RV Park right next to it.

We got to the park during their lunch hours but the note gave a number to call which we did and we were quickly greeted by a nice lady who checked us in and escorted us to our site.

We paid $36 using our Good Sam 10% discount for a water, electric (30amp), sewer site on grass that was level enough so we did not have to do any leveling at all. It was a pull in, back out site which faced the playground. The area was barren during this time of the year so it was quiet.

The location was convenient, on and off highway and right by a Walmart but little else to offer as far as location.

The place was just a bit outdated but the staff was accommodating and pleasant and if we are in the area again, we will stop here for a night. Unfortunately we were exhausted and forgot to take any photos.

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Vacationing on the Atlantic Ocean

Driving is a bit different in these parts of the country, there is traffic everywhere and through West Virginia and Maryland we have hills to where we were almost unable to use the cruise control mechanism since they were constant.

Last year we went across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge & Tunnels, now this year we made it across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge which was a bit more accelerating than the tunnels, much higher and it seems like it was much longer but it was not, only much more intense.

While we were traveling to get to the Atlantic Ocean, we made a stop in Canton for an overnight stop and stayed at a Fairfield Inn, we always like those hotels and this one was great. We decided to just order in and was going to opt for Domino’s but the front desk recommended Pizza Oven and it was fabulous. The wings were crispy but the insides were so moist and scrumptious and the garlic and herb seasonings were spot on. As for the pizza, well we always knew that pizza just tastes better back east and this one was by far a great tasting pizza, so much stuff on it that we could barely hold it and almost needed a knife and fork to eat it. The taste was so good and the portion was humungous, we had enough leftovers for a complete meal the next night. They have locations throughout the Canton, Ohio area and we would highly recommend them.

We made it to the ocean and now for some more R&R on the Atlantic…

On one of the days we lunched at The Greene Turtle, across from the Carousel Hotel we were staying at and the food was great.

We started with the Crab Dip & Pretzels and loved the creaminess of the dip and the pretzels were soft and so flavorful.

Jerry had the Hog Hammers Feast which was 4 hammers which are hog shanks that fell off the bone with a rich, spicy sauce lathered on them.

I had the Chicken Chesapeake which was a chicken breast sandwich with a few additions of bacon, cheese and crab dip. The chicken was tender and the crab dip was creamy and had a load of crab meat in it.

Life is good when we can hang out on the Atlantic and to taste different types of food depending on the area we are in at the time.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Big Boy...Michigan Style

We have enjoyed Big Boy several times around the United States, but nothing compares to the Michigan style and the one I relate to the best and Jerry now understands why...

They have the best shakes...this time we tried Strawberry Cheesecake and Caramel Butter Pecan and neither did not disappoint...

I had my favorite Slim Jim with Onion Rings, only Jerry got them instead but he shared and I shared my French Fries.

Jerry had the Classic Big Boy and of course he agreed that it was better than all the others we have tried in our years of traveling.

We are so grateful to be able to do the things we do in our lifestyle and tasting the different kinds of food is just one of the many things we love to do.

BOA Continues…

We worked our second event in Toledo and it was a long day…5am until almost 1am but now we are on vacation for a week while we head to Newark, Delaware for our next event. Since we were so close, we decided to spend a few days in Michigan…

We had a play day at the Firekeepers Casino in Battle Creek and we had fun, played for a few hours and left with all of our money plus a little more. The rooms at the hotel were out of our price range so we opted to stay at the Quality Inn next door and if we ever decide to hang out there again, we would stay at the Casino Hotel or if we have our RV they have boondocking and a few electric sites to offer. The Quality Inn was not up to our standards, nothing really wrong, just not a place we would return but we enjoyed the casino.

Our next stop was in Port Huron, right on the channel which allows freightliners to come through all day and night and our hotel was right on the water by the Blue Water Bridge.

We thought about and really wanted to cross the border into Canada to check out the Casino but did not want to do it in the company truck, plus the traffic on the bridge was packed most times and that bridge is scary enough without being stuck on it in traffic.

Instead we took a drive around the thumb to Port Austin and then back. I got to drive which is my happy place and Jerry was the co-pilot and we just laughed and enjoyed the drive. Being in Michigan brings back so many memories, some good, some not so good but it is my home state and will always hold a dear place in my heart.

In these parts of the country it seems Macaroni and Cheese is a staple in all restaurants including Freighters Eatery & Taproom in Port Huron attached to our hotel and these dishes are not your ordinary dishes but instead they served a Scallop, Bacon Macaroni and 5 Cheese dish that was so scrumptious it was sinful. Jerry had the Reuben which was also tender and succulent and so tasty it kept you wanting more.

We also stopped at Lake Huron at Port Huron Lighthouse Park and put our feet in Lake Huron again. There are so many memories from when I was younger...I used to fish on this Channel, this is one of the places I scuba dived and use to take the boat up to Lake Huron often to fish and to dive but now it's much nicer to share it with the man that I was always meant to be with. Life certainly is the best it has been.

We will be leaving Michigan tomorrow and are planning to get closer to Delaware the next few days for our next event but not too close since NASCAR is in Dover this week and prices are soaring in the area, so since all the hurricanes are away from the shore for now, we are going to hang out on the ocean for a few days before we head into Dover next week.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

BOA Begins…

Well it has been an eventful few weeks, it is always the longest drive for us from Cedar Hill to our first event and this year we had to keep an eye out for Irma so we stretched our route to navigate around her instead of right into her or her aftermath.

We left Amarillo and headed for Cedar Hill to get the truck and the trailer and drop off Maggie for a few months. We finally got the go ahead at the meeting on Saturday that we could leave on Sunday so we could get ahead of Irma, which is exactly what we did.

We got a little road weary but we drove 1400 miles in just 4 days, we drove 200 one day, 500 the next, then 200 the next, then 500 the last so we could get out of her way and we made it Canton, Ohio and worked our first event at the Hall of Fame.

We had a few nice hotel stays along our route…

Our first stay was at the Horseshoe Casino Hotel in Bossier City, Louisiana, not our first time here but will probably be our last. Check in was a breeze but the entire place just somehow seems outdated but we had a few hours of playtime.

We stopped at Buc-ee’s (our first time), we had seen advertisement for many years but never stopped but we wanted some good jerky for our driving days ahead and we were not disappointed. Amazing how huge the store is and they have EVERYTHING!

We have had some great food already...

A Red Lobster stop in Canton, Ohio, the Scallops were so succulent with a scrumptious wood burnt taste to them and the Lobster Mash Potatoes was like nothing we had ever had before but want again and again.

We ordered in while we were in Canton, Ohio and the salad was cold, refreshing and the best tasting salad, Jerry loved the Woogie, me not so much, sort of like a Calzone but for me it was not that great.

Now that the long driving days are over for a few weeks, we can now settle down and do some vacationing during our down times since our work day is over 18 hours but that is only one day a week and the rest is short travel days.

We took a few days after our first show to relax in Huron, Ohio. Our hotel was on the channel and the view was great. 

We ate next door at the Harbor House and the food was spectacular. Since we were not driving we chose to have a La Casa Sangria which definitely hit the spot. Just a nice fruity taste.

Something we have noticed a lot once we made it back east was Mac & Cheese Bites so we had to try them and they were soooooo good, these were made with Gouda...the comfort of Mac & Cheese with a slight crunch from the coating was amazing. 

Jerry did his best and actually finished all of his Monster Mac and it was loaded with 4 burger patties, American, Pepper Jack, Cheddar, and Swiss Cheeses with Bacon, Ham, Mushroom, Lettuce, Tomato and topped off with an Onion Ring...he was a happy camper...

I had the Bang Bang Shrimp Basket...Corona beer battered shrimp tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce which was so tasty, not too spicy but it did have a light creamy bite to it. The Rosemary French Fries were so delightful, crunchy on the outside and the good taste of potatoes on the inside.

We tried staying here last year but they closed for the season so we were disappointed, but this year they are going to see if they can stay open all season, they asked us to come visit them in December, we both agreed NOT! We do not want to be anywhere near the Great Lakes in December, November is rough enough in Indianapolis, last year we missed the snow only by one week, hopefully we are as lucky this year as well.