Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Friday, January 22, 2021

Wine Tastings 2021

 During our travels, we pick up bottles of wine, not only in the grocery stores in different states, choosing the local brands that sound good, but also during our wine tasting excursions, as we taste them, we will share our findings. 


Summer 2020 we worked at Prairie Berry Winery in Hill City, South Dakota and will not only be sharing wines from that winery, but there were several others in the area we purchased that are now in our wine case that we will be sharing our experiences with them as we open and enjoy them.


Sweet Riesling

Starling Castle


8.5% alcohol 


We bought this one for the label and we love Sweet Rieslings. Not overly sweet, but not really dry either with a bright citrus flavor. Crisp and refreshing and we paired it with Asian Cuisine that enhanced the flavor of both, it was fabulous.






Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Loving Our Anniversary

We had decided and think we have accomplished getting media out of lives as much as possible and it is fantastic. We both realized all this stuff has been going on for years, but we just never fed into it as much as we did this crisis, so we are done with it all. Media will not win our peace and tranquillity from our hearts, we will rise above it all and live our best lives ever.

Celebrating 24 years and Jerry still amazes me! We had planned a day at a hotel with a roomy shower and all the good things…that much I knew. We had also planned a few hours of play time at one of the newest casinos in the Phoenix area…that much I knew. But, what HE had planned on his own took my breath away…

First as we awoke and snuggled, he reached for his phone and immediately began playing our wedding song…”Me and You” by Kenny Chesney…we snuggled more and I realized just how lucky we were that we found one another. 

Then the surprises continued…We arrived at Sahuaro Ranch Park, our wedding venue 24 years later…WOW! Due to the Scamdemic, the buildings were closed and things weren’t as pristine as we remembered them, and we no longer have any wedding photos, it was nice to revisit and make even more memories…

Checked into our hotel early, got freshened up and went to play. The hotel had all the amenities, even though the room was very small, we enjoyed it. 

We went to Desert Diamond Casino and forgot it was a holiday so it was packed, we didn’t hit any major jackpots, but we didn’t spend much either and we had a blast. Got some Asian cuisine and took it back to the room where we shared a bottle of wine. Our lives are pretty special!

Friday, January 15, 2021

It’s New…Fresh…Life is Good!

Days are quiet for us at this time and the weather has been quite chilly here in the desert, so we’ve been doing a lot of nothing. It took us a long time to be accepting of this point in our lives, it usually only lasts for a few weeks before we begin looking for our next adventure, but we know PepWear will begin again the end of January, so we are just chilling in the meantime.

We had a terrible neighbor move in and even though we had planned to move eventually, they just made it happen sooner. She is a screamer, a volatile person with no filters and it happens continuously. How her husband lives with the abuse is beyond our comprehension. If we spoke to each other the way she speaks to him, there would be no reason to be together. It is ugly and so eruptive that we were holding our breaths wondering when the shots would be fired.


That’s why we have wheels and it’s time to get them rolling to another site.


We moved and are happy campers once again...the office was going to have a chat with them since they have had several other complaints in just two days about their excessive immature behavior, but we explained that SHE would not change, she is just a screamer, so we moved. So many neighbors came by once we were relaxing by the fire at our new site to tell us their encounters with this woman and it wasn’t pretty either. She even made her way by us and was just being irrational, waving her phone and screaming about needing to order a pizza and if we had any suggestions and we just waved her off…no desire for the drama now that we are in our happy place once again.. 


Our new site is situated on a unique site…the neighbor on our hookup side is a home with nobody scheduled to be in all winter, and our patio faces the putting greens…we are extremely grateful and life once again is grand!

We made a scrumptious Seafood Mac n Cheese...we didn’t want to pay the price for real crab or lobster so we used the imitation...used up all the partial bags of cheeses is our fridge and it turned out quite good.

We had voted mostly Democratic up until this election! Probably never again, unless they truly clean up their house! There is so much rudeness and hatred nowadays since all this stupid crap started and now too many people feel entitled and it’s getting harder for us to play nice, but we will because we will not stoop to their level ever! We continue to hear our nation needs to unite and heal, but yet they feel the NEED to impeach a GREAT President. Take the time and money they are spending on this senseless event and put it to good use, like getting our country back on track before all of this happened. They cannot continue to say one thing and absolutely do the opposite, when will it ever be enough for them? They stopped being our government when they continue to do things out of their misplaced anger that is causing the American people to be divided by their hate and evil. This is enough, let’s move forward with peace and love and get back to making and keeping America beautiful again!


Not only do we continue to distance ourselves from the physical drama, but we are attempting to distance ourselves from the media and internet drama, which seems to be taking longer to do. When it begins to affect our livelihoods again, well it gets tough, but we refuse to feed into all the negativity that surrounds us daily, we will rise above all this evil and we plan to live our best lives in 2021! 


Friday, January 01, 2021

Can One Day Change All This MADNESS?

Who would have thought that all that transpired in 2020…would? NOBODY! We are in shock and wonder if it was just a nightmare, that truly our America did not just make the worst mistakes ever in our history. Is it possible to get all of our freedoms back that have been erased in just a few months. Will just the fact that we change the calendar year make it all magically disappear? Many people are adamant that is how it will happen, and it’s going to be scary when it doesn’t because they are depending on it and it may be their last straw of faith.


As for us, we are very grateful for 2020…we now know we can survive anything and everything that life hands us, together, we are strong. We fed into the drama for a time, but we shook it all off and decided that WE knew better what was good for us and stopped allowing the media or the government to tell us how we should handle this flu season. It hasn’t always been easy because some of our friends continued to ridicule our decisions, so we did have to limit our contact with them. That decision alone made our lives calmer without all the drama and we made some great choices for us.


We followed our hearts throughout this pandemic and it paid off for us and that is our plan going forward in 2021. Live our lives to the fullest and stay out of all the drama.


We spent New Year’s Eve like all the others, at home with each other…popping a cork of champagne and just enjoying midnight on the East Coast, even though we are on the West Coast. Thank goodness for having the East Coast television feeds since there is no way we could stay awake until midnight here. We did get woken up by fireworks at midnight, but we just rolled over after yet another midnight kiss.


Now that 2020 is in the past…we are now going to focus on everything that is right…no more politicians telling us how to live our lives, after all they work for us…no more drama from anyone…and most important, living in the now and not worrying over what might happen but instead enjoying this moment…smiling at people…helping them in all those little ways that we have shied away from so not to get close to them. Now is the time to once again live our lives to the fullest without hesitation or fear…it is after all the first day of the rest of our lives!


We hope you all had a fantastic time saying goodbye to 2020, and we pray that you will all have the best year in 2021…reach for the stars…it’s all out there for us to enjoy!

Sunday, December 27, 2020


This time of the year is filled with celebrations…we have Jerry’s birthday, then the holidays and then our wedding anniversary in January that we love celebrating.

We left the Apache Junction area to hang out for a little over a week in one of our favorite places in Arizona…Lake Havasu, but first made an overnight stop in Quartzsite. We were looking for certain items, but most of the stores weren’t opened yet since it was still too early but we did find some deals that weren’t on our list. It also felt so good to be amongst some normalcy, not a lot of RULES for mask wearing or social distancing, but there was a lot of smiles, hellos, and just decency to one another. It was the same way in Lake Havasu.


While in Quartzsite, we ate at Silly Al’s and it was as good as ever. We had a few Margaritas and a split pizza, half Mediterranean and the other half was Philly Cheese. Both sides were scrumptious, but my favorite was the Mediterranean side. The crust is so unique, thin, crispy but also tender and chewy on the inside and such a fresh taste. We ordered the Goliath just so we could have dinner the next day too.

Not one of our healthiest meals, but it was absolutely the best. Fried the bacon, then fried the potatoes, onions & garlic in the bacon juice. Soaked the chicken breasts in Caribbean Jerk and cooked on BBQ for the chicken sandwich with freshly made guacamole & bacon on a pretzel bun. Every part of this meal was perfect, the lime in the guacamole added a freshness to the sandwich, the chicken was tender and juicy, the potatoes were done to perfection.

For Jerry’s birthday we got a room in Laughlin, Nevada, so we could do a little play time. Let’s just say that it started out fantastic but then took an unpleasant turn. We stayed at Harrahs for under $50 and when we checked in before noon, not only were they gracious about it, they even gave him a birthday upgrade to a Suite…AND sweet it was. So much room, great shower with two shower heads, the pillows were flat and awful, but the bed was so very comfortable, and even a jetted tub.

We totally understand the mask issue, even though we don’t agree with it, we do it when we have to, but to be policed so strictly is offensive to us. We were gambling and drinking and we were told several times that masks must be worn in between drinks and there were several times we barely took our lips off the glass when we were approached. Some of the other casinos were the same, but there were a few where they allowed us to drink and converse because we were NEVER near anybody since the entire strip was like a ghost town. Just would like it all to go back to some sort of normalcy, and we hope this will not continue for much longer, and we pray this will never be the new normal. 


Even though Laughlin has been one of our favorite play time areas, because of all the rudeness on this trip it will no longer be on our radar for visiting any time in the near future.


We are back in Apache Junction for the next few months, and if all goes according to plan, we will be working some PepWear events soon. Until then we will be enjoying bringing in the New Year, just the two of us and a bottle of champagne. See you all in 2021, have a safe and blessed end of this year and may next year be filled with love, happiness, family time, prosperity, and most of all back to some normalcy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Life As We See It

The quality of most services and products have suffered so much since all this Scamdemic began and it seems to be getting worse. Everyday items we notice are not up to the standards that were in place previously, many items that we had been buying for years, now feel different or taste different and there are several inconsistencies in the product, like tears or not the same size within the package or packaging is defective.


My haircuts have been the worst and I have never been too picky about them, but it seems the hairdressers heads are not in the game. They cut around the masks but since we hardly wear the masks except when absolutely forced, my cut is just wrong. They don’t cut it short enough even after I explain to them how short I want it. They are just too busy attempting to get everyone to agree with their political opinions…I’M NOT PAYING THEM FOR THEIR OPINIONS…I just want my hair cut the way it is requested.


As for customer service, well that left when it all began. So many people are just mean spirited and don’t seem to understand how blessed they are to be working, but instead they act as if they are doing you a favor for being there and that we are inconveniencing them by coming in. It’s almost as if we are all distancing ourselves from one another in so many ways there may not be any coming back to friendliness. We have to admit that we have even stopped smiling at others due to face coverings...we have stopped talking with strangers due to social distancing...we keep to ourselves so not to piss someone off who is about to blow due to SO MANY of us that has had ENOUGH! THIS NEEDS TO STOP TODAY...RIGHT THIS MOMENT!


Life has to return to people caring about each other, return to people helping one another in simple ways like holding the doors open, smiling at one another and wishing them a happy day. These masks are the cause and we all need to protect ourselves from the worst case of communism ever brought to our country.


IF these masks are so great in protecting us from this virus, then why are the numbers rising dramatically in the past few weeks when almost everyone we see has one on? Because they ARE NOT effective! Instead they are meant to continue to put a wedge between us citizens so that the government can take our rights away. It’s plain to see and so hard to take, but we are all bowing down to the system, even when we know they are dead wrong. 


Why is that and what can we do about it? 


We are tired of fighting a losing battle, we are tired of being ridiculed when we don’t abide by what we thought was “suggestions “, but instead people feel they have the need and the right to demand that we go along, and if we don’t, they make our lives very uncomfortable. We are distancing ourselves from the media as much as possible so not to get caught up in all the drama, and for us it feels like that’s helping our minds, bodies and hearts.


We were off this week and just did all sorts of honey do’s. We washed and waxed Maggie, fixed most of her blemishes, and shined her tires. We found a resort in Apache Junction using our Thousand Trails Membership that appreciates Maggie that we will continue returning to for this winter. We will be asking them to move our next reservation to a different corner due to the drama this corner has brought with a few of the permanent residents. It sounds like an ugly breakup that we want no part of at all, but otherwise the resort seems really good.


This was our last event this past weekend with PepWear for a short time, and depending on just how long that will be, will determine what we do next. The next month we will take some time to enjoy the holidays, Jerry’s birthday, and our anniversary before finding other work. We have a short trip planned to one of our favorite areas in Arizona that we will tell you all about it next update.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Countryside RV Resort TT

2701 S Idaho Rd

Apache Junction, AZ 85119

(480) 982-1537

12/2020, 1/2021

We used our Thousand Trails Membership for a 20/30/50 amp site with water and sewer on gravel with a slab patio. The site was big enough to accommodate our RV, our Jeep and the truck with the 20’ trailer.

They used the non contact checkin procedure that we are starting to really love and hope they continue doing it this way. We get an email one week before our arrival date that we complete, then on the day prior to our arrival they email our site number with a map. Upon arrival if site is occupied or not satisfactory, we then call and they reassign us accordingly. No reason to go into the office for anything…no idle chit chat after a long day drive…no escort since we have been doing this for years and do not need assistance.


Most of the facilities were open on a limited schedule, but they were still opened. There were several laundry facilities and each one was nice.

We were located in a corner where there were several permanent sites that were having control issues with each other that became violent, so on our next reservation we will ask for another part of the resort, where the drama doesn’t exist.



Saturday, November 28, 2020

We Just Don’t Get Some Things in Life

Our Thousand Trails Membership, Mesa Spirit RV Resort and Monte Vista RV Resort, has now put a stipulation on how old our rig can be, and trust me she’s showing her worn out age everywhere, so they found she is not suitable for their resort…well crap! Maggie’s getting older and has seen better days, but to discriminate against her is just wrong. Yes, she now has several areas with bandaids on her since her skin is cracking and we just can’t afford a full paint job nor a newer model, so we continue repairing the best we can. We are taking this very hard due to us feeling as if we are unworthy, a feeling we have both shared in our hearts for a very long time and has been difficult to erase from our internal tapes that play continuously. 

Our biggest concern about this recent experience is when that happens it makes us feel like we are white trash, and we’re not, we’re just not financially savvy. We have worked hard all of our lives for what we have, we do the best we can, but it’s never good enough for others and we get judged that we are poor. We are not, we are rich in so many ways, we just have never been able to really handle our finances and that is why we stopped everything on credit and for the past 17 years there have been no notes, no debt, and if we can’t pay cash, then we don’t get it. That has been tough because we would love a new RV, but we don’t want to have a note.


How dare they discriminate against us because we don’t drive the best RV...DISCRIMINATION in any form is just not right...OPLM Old People’s Lives Matter too!


WHY IS IT????? All the new programming EVERYONE is social distancing (sort of) BUT NOBODY is wearing a mask...SERIOUSLY, but WE HAVE TO wear one everywhere! NOT LIKING THIS CRAP AT ALL! We are so over this nonsense, we want to just live again


We had a hotel night at Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino…What a nice room with the exception of the bed and the toilet, they were both so low to the ground it hurt to get on and off of them, other than that the bed was comfortable. The shower was fantastic, with room and the pressure was perfect, strong but not feeling like needles entering the body. The casino was a good size with a variety of slots and no smoking at all in the buildings. There were several take out restaurants, Fatburger and Panda Express, and several others were open and serving. We were upset that they didn’t feel our face shields were good enough and had to wear a mask they gave us, so we left and do not plan to return.

We are just so appreciative that we are on our way out of our lives instead of just beginning them, because if things continue in this ridiculous manner, our future of our country and freedoms are heading in a communism state of mind and we want no part of it. It’s hard enough following ALL these new recommendations, but now people are just being ridiculous about it all. People are getting nasty and are going crazy because the media is telling them to be the police eyes out there if others are not wearing their masks or not social distancing…stop this madness and let’s all go back to living our lives without all the judgments. 


It’s sad that our President elect doesn’t know what holiday it is… Everybody needs to take their Turkey back, get a ham and start coloring eggs since there is no reason right now to be thankful! What a dumbass…OMFG...4 Years of this with nobody knowing what day it is or where we are...we have been part of the Fugowee Tribe for years, but we’ve been happy there, never knowing where the fuck are we, but now the dumb ass and all his followers will be there too! NOT FAIR! Just remember all you Dems voted him in…


We worked a Girls Volleyball Championship in Gilbert, AZ for PepWear last week. These events are so much smaller than we are used to, but at least we’re doing what we love. There were so many parents that the stands were full and everyone wore masks, but nobody was social distancing. Personally we would prefer social distancing, washing hands and cleaning surfaces over wearing masks, but it looks as if we don’t get that choice and we are certainly tired of it ALL!

Our Thanksgiving was spent for the first time in a long time cooking a turkey, we have not had turkey and all the fixings in a long time. We had deviled eggs, stuffed celery, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy, and of course pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Oh my, we are stuffed and we have enough leftovers for days, let’s hope we can be as creative as our mom’s were back when we were kids and they created wonderful leftovers.