Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Monday, July 04, 2022

It Just Has to Get Better…Or Does It?

We had been applying and interviewing extensively in hope to find the right fit, we received a few nibbles but nothing substantial. We have never had such an issue finding work, but unfortunately, we are without our motorhome and gigs with housing are very rare, but we wouldn’t give up.

A humongous change came our way. Leaving the old lifestyle to start an entirely new adventure. Yes, we are forced off the traveling lifestyle, but we have to do what we have to do so we can continue our dream lifestyle once again.

We got an offer that includes, a luxury apartment, all meals, same schedules with two consecutive days off, day shifts, and a great salary with benefits for both of us. Right now, we won’t be extensively traveling but we will take short trips on our days off to scratch that itch. Not sure where it will take us but as usual, we are ready for the journey. 

After about a month, we are not able to say that we are enjoying the ride, but what we are saying is that we are learning so much about ourselves, especially Jerry. I have always known he could handle the professional environment, and finally he is believing me and having faith in his abilities. As for me, I am in my element, the professional environment where I thrive. But we are working harder than we have in years and it is hurting our bodies, our minds, and our souls. We are working about 60 hours a week and having to be on call for 4 nights and not for minor issues, these are life issues. Even though this is supposed to be an independent senior living community, its more like an assistive living community. Then to make it worse, we were only supposed to be working about 45 hours per week, but it is ending up more like 60 which makes our hourly wage below minimum wage which is not sitting very well with us. But as usual…WE WILL SURVIVE!

We have taken a few side trips on our 2 days off…

Since it is so hot in Oro Valley, Arizona we chose to head to the mountains of Prescott. We got there early since we left at almost daybreak so we stopped at the casino and hit a nice jackpot and then checked into our room at the Hampton Inn and it was marvelous. The bed was so comfortable, the shower was outstanding, the room was spacious, but most importantly we had a great time in the spa and pool, our favorite place.

We had a great Chicago Style Pizza from Rosati’s Pizza, the wings were good but the pizza was amazing and more than enough for us to take with us to enjoy on our ride back to our apartment.

On another weekend we went to stay at Gila River Wild Horse pass and not only have a fun play day that we also hit a few huge jackpots. The room was comfortable, and we had a great shower to enjoy.

 We hung out at the apartment on the Fourth Holiday Weekend and eventually we will figure this all out and we will make it through and come out the other side with some sort of clarity. For now we have decided to live each day, moment by moment and to be grateful for what we have at this time which may not be what we want but is most certainly more than many have. We will find a way to enjoy this until we are able to get our motorhome and begin traveling once again.

If any of you all have any ideas or suggestions or know of anyone with a good deal on a great Class A motorhome, please let us know so we can at least get ready once again for our lifestyle that we enjoy.

Monday, May 30, 2022

Mission ViewResort

31 W Los Reales Road
Tucson, AZ 85756
(520) 741-1945
March - June 2022

We stayed in a Park Model due to us losing our motorhome, but we checked out the RV sites they were well maintained and customer service was excellent.

The community was well maintained and it felt secure for the most part since the surrounding area is not the greatest. Easy access to and from the freeway.

There were two separate laundry areas that were well taken care of throughout our stay.

They had an indoor pool and jacuzzi that was down for about a week but they repaired it and after that it was a great amenity for us that we used almost daily.

Sunday, May 08, 2022

Our Last Event in Arizona…THEN EVERYTHING CHANGED!

A well needed week off to rest our bodies and get things organized for our next adventures when we head out of Arizona next week. In the meantime we are enjoying barbecuing and cooking our meals since once we adventure out, there won’t be many opportunities to do it. We did our honey dos of haircuts, hair dye, cleaning, packing and making reservations, deciding what we need and want to take with us on this 7+ month adventure.

The Pima County Fair in Tucson was an 11 day event that ended on May 1st with long hours. We were at the location for the FMCA Event a few weeks ago so it was familiar to us, but we were in a different building. We setup on Wednesday and began the long hours on Thursday, not too long during the week, only about 8 to 9 hours, while the weekends were over 12 hours, but as usual we made it through. It was a good event with many nice people, both vendors and customers. It wasn’t as successful financially as we anticipated it to be but we would consider returning next year. 

The only fair food we ate was the Texas Pretzel…it was huge, soft and chewy, just like I love it.

We will be leaving on Sunday and heading east, not in our usual travel attire but it’s still traveling like we love doing. Truck with small trailer, hotels and Airbnb’s verses motorhome and campgrounds…it will be interesting!


That was definitely an eye opener…It’s been one of those years already and it just keeps getting stranger…

It’s getting to the point that we can’t depend nor trust anybody but each other. It turns out that the company we worked with this winter are not people of their word. They lied and used us and it cost us a lot more than what they gave us and now we need to hold on to our faith and figure out what is next. All the plans and reservations have been canceled and we need to find work for the summer, but this time we need housing too! We need to look forward and just believe, knowing it will all work out…SOMEHOW!

We gave our all to this company because they claimed to be a family run business who cares for one another. We took a huge hit financially this winter when we should have chosen back in January, when we lost our motorhome to find other work with housing. But, instead we chose to stay and work through it with their assurance of great things to come. They had all these events already scheduled and all our concerns were comforted over and over that the big picture was going to have much more success. We went through our savings quickly paying for our living expenses without so much as a bone being thrown by them. Several times our paycheck was short by hundreds and we had to constantly ask for the rest which took until next pay period to get it straightened out.

We continuously received comforting reassurance from them that once we head east things would get much better. We wanted to believe them so we began making our plans with the assumption that we were full time employees. Then, to make matters worse, we had been approached several times by other companies that were wanting us to come work for them, but we continuously turned them down because we had hope in this company. Hind sight is definitely hard to see, we should have known they were going to pull the plug because it was obvious they could not continue paying us. Besides our paychecks being short continuously, there were issues when we arrived to some of the events that their credit cards were being declined. All those things should have raised the red flags but when we mentioned our concerns, they comforted us with what we thought at the time were legitimate reasonings.

Decisions were made the past few months that cost us dearly, all because we believed in others words instead of once again trusting in our guts. Being so desperate that finally after almost 20 years of traveling full time, that we finally found the right fit for us. We were so wrong and it hurts.

We’re both feeling disconnected and discouraged, so far this frigging year SUCKS! So many dreams, plans and exciting opportunities just evaporated into the thin air in a moment. It’s so sad that we never seem to get what we need and definitely NEVER what we want! Life has really been tough on us and we just feel so deflated and defeated! 

Tomorrow is another day and we are hopeful that in a moment things could once again change for our better! Yes, it was a shocker but as usual we will rise above their pettiness and do what we have to do…just not sure what that is yet, but we will figure it out but for now we will just continue hanging on!

Tuesday, April 12, 2022


Our event was at the Maricopa County Fairgrounds for 5 days and they were all very long and slow days but we made it through. We had lots of time to meet some great people and to just enjoy it all. We tasted some fair treats…

Eegee’s is a fruity slush with big chunks of fruit throughout, we partook in several of those because it was in the high 90s all days and the slush chilled my inners. Thank goodness we were inside with a well working swamp cooler.

We also had a burger, fries and chicken tenders on our last day and it was tasty but costly…small portions at high prices, not good.

Since the Fair was over 100 miles away we had to get a hotel, rates were extremely high, but we found one in Tempe, just under 10 miles away.

The Tempest Hotel was a preppy hotel located by ASU. Our King bed was comfortable, the air conditioning was perfect, the shower was a walk-in with light water pressure, no free breakfast included, in our photos we should have had a couch but instead there was only one very uncomfortable chair. We have Gold Status and are usually able to get a free upgrade and check in early if there is availability. Instead we were informed that check in time was 3pm and because it was 2:47pm we would be charged an additional $50, we chose to wait the 13 minutes instead. Not happy with the terrible customer service everywhere nowadays, she wasn’t rude, just matter of factly with no wiggle room.

On our week off in between the 2 fairs, we rested but we also did a lot of honey do’s in preparation for our next leg of our journey…we are headed to Maine with our truck and using a cargo trailer that we will pick up in Virginia once the Pima County is completed the first part of May. We have events lined up in Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Upper State New York, we even have a NASCAR race on the agenda at Pocono Raceway in July…we are beyond excited! We will be staying in hotels and AirBnBs until we return to Arizona in December where we hope by then the outrageous prices will drop so we can get our next motorhome.

Monday, April 04, 2022

Time is Flying

We are at the Park Model for a few weeks since our events our nearby. 

Our first event was at the Pima Fairgrounds where we will return next month for the Fair, but this event was the FMCA. Nice to be back amongst our people, RVers. It was a 4 day event with long hours and it was hot. Even though we were indoors, unfortunately they don’t have or would not turn on the air conditioning, instead they used the swamp cooler which usually is sufficient this time of the year. We know because when we lived in Phoenix, we had one and it worked fantastic, but you have to keep the water running and they kept making excuses why the water continued to be turned off, so it was hotter indoors then the 90+ degrees outdoors. It was a good event but none of these out west events even come close to comparing to the ones we worked back east.

Our next event was at the 4th Avenue Street Fair held in Old Tucson which for us was a total shit show. We were stuffed in like sardines and for our booths location, it was right on the trolley tracks with a step up to half of the booth…it was very difficult to walk around safely. The heat was tremendous especially since our booth had direct sun in the afternoon from noon until after 5pm.

Police, Sheriff and even the Bomb Squad were constantly patrolling around the event. There were many homeless people just hanging around all day, a few fights and incidents occurred near our booth, it was really uncomfortable. There was  trash everywhere throughout the entire event and the staff were not keeping up with it all. There were piles of bodily waste in corners as well as urine spots everywhere…it was a cesspool. 

It had more of a party atmosphere, like a block party event with lots of alcoholic beverages beginning as early as 9am, it was not a selling market. As much hype that we got about this event, it ended up being a huge disappointment except for some delicious eats.

We ate corned beef and pastrami sandwiches from the 4th Avenue Deli that had a great spicy mustard on them.  

We also had Chicken Strips that were so juicy and flavorful at The Drunken Chicken. The Cole slaw was fresh and crunchy with the perfect amount of sweetness verses vinegar. The burger was fresh and flavorful, but the Mac n Cheese was disappointing.

Now we have one day of rest before heading to Phoenix for the Maricopa County Fair 5 day event. It will be indoors in a climate controlled building that will be a blessing since temperatures are already rising into the 90s here in Arizona, and we’re in a hotel that has great working air conditioning.

We only have a few events left here in Arizona and we will not be able to secure a motorhome to continue our dream. We are so disappointed and discouraged but as usual we will prevail and figure out our next adventure.