Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Eating in Quartzsite

These were the best tasting cinnamon rolls we have every had...yummy...warm...made right on the premises. If you are ever in Quartzsite, make it a point to stop and have one.

Palo Verde Cafe & Lounge Restaurant was a real treat. They had a great atmosphere and the smell was scrumptious. The walls were filled with some great memorabilia from movies and just some neat objects. As usual we found something new and different to try, High Mountain Huckleberry specialty soda. It had a strong bursting huckleberry flavor and then it just slowly faded, very delicious. Jerry had the Seafood Platter, it had pieces of shrimp, oysters, scallops and fish and all were really good. I had the special, Sweet 'n' Sour Pork, it was good but Jerry's was better. Then we shared a Strawberry Cheesecake that had a Chocolate Crust that was so fabulous.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Saying Goodbye To Phoenix…

And to the ones we love…Chrissy and Austin! It’s a shame we were unable to spend some time together but she still feels we should not be in each others lives and all we can do is respect her decisions, we may not like them but they are hers and she feels justified.

This is a even sadder time since it’s very possible that we will not be back in this area for an extended period of time. We are considering spending next winter elsewhere…we will have to wait and see.

We know that God will take care of both of them and we have done all we can to make amends and the rest will be up to her. We have and continue to change ourselves and we know it is not up to us to change her mind…only she can do that and once she stops seeing through the anger, then she may be ready to forgive and allow us back into their lives. Until then, we will move forward with our lives, living with joy, happiness, love, kindness, and most of all forgiveness and not allowing any anger to keep us from living our lives in a spiritual way!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Different Types of Work

Tile work is very physical work but once again we had one of our clients call and ask if we could do one more job for them while we were in town. Every year we have returned to Phoenix, we have had a client contact us for more work and it is becoming a very fitting arrangement. A few tile jobs per winter are not too bad on our bodies and pretty good to our pocketbooks.

There are so many things in life that we are good at and really love doing, tile work is one of them. Now to find not only things we love but those that are also good to our bodies has been difficult. For the most part, this is due to our parents constantly reinforcing to us that work is hard, there is no fun in work, and most importantly work and play do not mix. Well, we are doing our best to change our inner thoughts about these things…it has not been easy but we are definitely on the right track. We know our parents meant well and we are sure if they knew different they would have taught us different, so now it is our chance to change this in our new lifestyle.

We now look for easier jobs to pay our way across this continent and leave the physically challenging ones to the young. Writing, photography, security and ticket stubbing at the race tracks, fun jobs where smiling, meeting and greeting people are the main objectives, this is what we are talking about. I have to admit, it has been simpler for me to change to this new way of life than it has been for Jerry to do. He is still in the mindset that in order to get ahead in life you must physically work hard. Our work ethics come out whether we are physically working hard or just working hard in an easier sort of way.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Moving On…

Our time in Phoenix is just about over, we left the RV Park we were at and have moved closer to the shop for the next week. Since nothing is holding us here any longer we have decided to move on…possibly stopping in Quartzsite to check things out and boondock for a few weeks before heading into California for more sightseeing and the race in Fontana.

We miss being on the road and we seem to get stagnant when not out there, so the time has come to move to the next phase of our life. Attempting to travel more this year and to find work that allows us to do just that is going to be a challenge but a very doable challenge it will be. We have secured some employment with the tracks and other types of work that will allow us to travel more.

Just about a week to finish up some loose ends here in Phoenix and then we will be off to our new and wonderful adventures, just as the weather is beginning to get really nice.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Our Destiny...

Was to meet one another and spend the rest of our lives having the time of our lives. Today marks the 11th year of our wedding anniversary and all the old clichés come to mind. Time really has just flown by…it feels as if we have always been in each others lives…we are truly soul mates and were made for one another.

To have the same hopes and dreams as another person is very unlikely, we are told, but then to be able to truly share and live them is the best thing in the world. We are the luckiest people alive and every chance we get we thank God for all of our fortune.

Here is a list of just some of the things that binds us together for this lifetime;

Laughing at ourselves…with ourselves…never at one other.

Winning an argument, alternately makes the person you love a “Loser”.

Being the best of friends.

Respecting your mate.

Living in a very small space (RV) and enjoying it.

Disagreeing about things without turning them into bigger issues.

Choosing which issues are really important enough to argue about.

Loving one another every day as if it was the very last day of your life.

Adding equal amounts of fun, excitement, work, play, and love to each day.

Living in the moment.

These are just some of the things that keep us happily married to one another and I can honestly say that these past 11 years have been the best years of my life…Jerry concurs.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

RV Show in Peoria

We made our way to the Peoria Sports Complex in Peoria, Arizona where for many years now we have attended the show. It’s really not what I consider a show, it’s just many of the RV dealers in the area that bring all the latest and greatest RV’s into one area.

We are always interested in looking at Class C’s since we are totally partial to them and when we update it will be another one. We noticed that for the most part they had trailers and 5th Wheels with most including toy haulers. They were catering to the thirty something’s that were looking for a weekend camping trip unit where as we were looking for our home on wheels.

A bit disappointing this year…not enough Class C’s to browse…no really new designs in any of the units…except of course…the one!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Stop To See The Balloons in Life

As we were leaving the RV Park this morning we saw this balloon having difficulty taking off and we just had to stop and take some photos.

We pray that our lives will always allow us to stop and take all the photos we want. Life is so short that we always have to take the time to do the things we love. Living this lifestyle has given us many opportunities to do just that each and every day of our lives now.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Have You Seen "The Thing"?

Every time we left the Phoenix area heading south on Interstate 10...the billboards intrigued us but for the many years of passing through…we never stopped to see it. Since we have been crossing things off of our list lately, we decided to cross this one off on our way into Phoenix this year.

There is more to this than just paying a dollar to see “The Thing”. We realized that “The Thing” is different for each of us, for me it was another lesson in life, for Jerry it was an eye-opening experience.

We took the exit…by the way gas prices at this exit were higher than others in the same area. The store has some very unique items, many really great souvenirs and of course, “The Thing”. We paid our admission, one dollar each…then began our journey.

For me as I walked through all the amazing objects, all I could think about was when I was going to get to see “The Thing”. So much so that I couldn’t even enjoy the journey…I was too busy anticipating the destination. Something that happens in my life all the time.

Now for Jerry’s experience, he thought every item he approached might have been “The Thing” because for him each item was spectacular and unique on their own and could be “The Thing”.

We will not divulge what “The Thing” is but what we will say is for only a dollar check it out for yourself and send us a note on your thoughts.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Our Weekend Relaxation

Just what the Doctor ordered…a relaxing, well deserved weekend. Less than two hours from Phoenix is the beautiful town of Prescott where the roads taken are breathtaking.

This year we opted to stay again at the Prescott Resort where we took advantage of the “Relaxation Package” that includes a recently remodeled suite that exposes a very classy look, a $50 room service certificate and two-one hour massages.

The suite was fabulous, we were on the 4th floor facing the beautiful mountains where the view was outstanding.

The shower was strong and invigorating, two flat screen TV’s, a refrigerator, and the bed was grand and so comfortable.

Room service was delicious and very affordable…using the certificate, we were able to have a filling lunch and dinner, not including tip or drinks. The presentation of the dishes we ordered was the best we have seen in quite awhile. We tried a new appetizer and we both realized we do not like Brie even though it was well prepared with drizzling caramelized onion. The sandwiches were tasty with great French Fries and the best Vegetable Chips we have ever had. The Crab Cakes and Coconut Shrimp was mouth watering and really hit the spot.

Saving the best for last…the massages…how do you describe something that takes your hard working body and refreshes, revitalizes and makes it feel young again? We have learned not to get a deep muscle massage instead always specifically ask for an invigorating massage. The deep detoxing massage makes me nauseous and very light headed so I have now learned to avoid them.

They have not renovated the casino which is still small and really smoky, the machines played with us but no big jackpots this time.

We enjoyed it all and opened our eyes once again to how we need to learn to consistently take care of ourselves. For 2008, every month we will take advantage of a good deal package including massages and a king size bed at a top resort where we can get our bodies and minds in tip-top shape. More reviews for our readers as well.

Friday, January 04, 2008

The Show Is Over...

And we will be heading out of Phoenix in just a few short weeks heading for the biggest and most exciting adventure of all time…traveling the NASCAR circuit. We have lined up work along the way at many of the tracks or other venues. We are also considering ending the season at Homestead and wintering in Florida…that is why this lifestyle suits us so well…changes. We will consider it and wait until a much later time to make any definite plans.

We have also changed our minds at this time to go without a toad. We will travel along with our Jeep and see if we use it while following the tracks. It will probably be used more than we expected to and if not we will let it go at that time or trade it in on a smaller vehicle.

Life has certainly given way to a more relaxing time for us. We have an idea and then we watch to see how life arranges it for us and then we move forward. Learning to live in the moment, enjoying our lives and being totally grateful for all we have has not come easy but we are so glad we hung in there and are living that way now.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

What Motherhood Meant To Me

The times were different and being a child myself I thought I was ready for the responsibility. It was going to be fabulous, having someone to call my own, someone who would love me unconditionally and never ever leave me. The pregnancy was really rough, I gained so much weight and I was my biggest during the cold winter months in Michigan but even then I knew that the life inside of me was my child. My dreams could now be fulfilled, if not by me then by my child, especially once she was born…my daughter with her tiny little fingers reaching out for me, needing me and loving me.

I could make sure, she never got hurt in the same ways as I did, I would always take away her pain and never allow her to be insecure about who she was…as long as she became who I wanted her to be. Is that what I believed? Seemed that was true which began the pattern of me being controlling. I never wanted to continue the same dysfunction I felt as a child being controlled by my mother. Being totally unaware of those patterns…still naïve in my thinking that I could raise a child who would love herself and be good to herself even though it was still illusive to me but I was determined.

The mistakes were plenty, my own mother tried to be helpful but she did not know herself how to love someone unconditionally. She too tried several times to stop the dysfunction that she had been accustomed to in her life but even together we didn’t know just how to undo all the junk that had been instilled in our minds. There were many moments I retaliated and decided that it was all my mother’s fault that I was unable to love my own daughter unconditionally so many times…I left.

Over and over again I challenged my thoughts and tried to change them about just how to allow my daughter to become the person she was meant to be and time after time I could not. My conviction was that I was the mother and I knew best even though I knew in my heart all I was doing was pushing her further into a life that she too would have to learn from and pull herself out of eventually.

Then she grew up and had her own child and once again I thought I knew much more than she did and once again I became controlling and this time like so many times I had done before to my mother…my daughter left me. The pain was unbearable as the days, then weeks, then months and now years have passed and she refuses to even talk with me. I can never take back what I did or said to her during those last moments, and my apologies have been refused. The only way to help this entire situation is to finally let go and allow her to be her self.

It is not easy and there is pain and sadness I feel many times throughout my days but knowing that she is a strong, independent, loving, kind soul that knows right from wrong and will do the best she knows how to raise a loving son. That is something we have always known for sure, she is a good mother and loves her son very much.

As for my role as a mother, I will always believe that I did the best I could with what I knew then and when I knew better…I did better and will continue learning more each and every day.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 - New Beginnings

The New Year is always exciting since the possibilities it brings are endless. The attitude that anything can happen is always so strong within our hearts. Being so open to fresh ideas and thinking we can begin again with a clean, blank slate. All of these things are also our goals but in addition to this we are going to begin treating every day as if it is a brand New Year, starting fresh every morning with a new zest for life and not carry yesterday’s woes with us into this bright new day.

We are living everyday with the total acceptance of who we are…right now at this very moment…not who we want to be…not who we think we are…exactly who we are today.

Living are lives in this exact moment while enjoying the anticipation of the greatest life we have ever lived. Knowing whatever happens, we will be able to handle the challenges as long as we stay in touch with our inner spirits and live every moment from our hearts with love and understanding. There will be sadness…there will be challenges…there will be pain…there will be joy…there will be laughter…there will be love…there will be continuous happiness just as long as we believe and never, ever give up.

Happy New Year to one and all!