Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Sunday, January 26, 2020


A boring week that we needed since in just a few short weeks our lives are going to be hectic. We have jobs lined up with several companies doing different types of work inner mingling with one another, but we got to do what is necessary. Thank goodness we are organized and for lists and calendars we create to keep us going in the right direction.

Ever since we began full time traveling my haircuts are done at Walmart for several reasons. If there is a bad cut and we have left the area, we can get it fixed at the next Walmart and they have ALWAYS honored my email coupons that may state a certain store…THAT ALL CHANGED THIS TIME! For the first time in YEARS, it was a TERRIBLE cut…I have a colic and when cutting you cannot cut by the “book”, it has to be cut to my head, especially my colic, but she didn’t cut it to my head and now my colic is so bad my hair lies FLAT. It is so frustrating, especially because he refused my coupon because he claims he’s a franchise and HE MAKES THE RULES…last time we will go to that Smartstyle at that Mesa Walmart. The good news is my hair trains very easily, so within a week of the cut it was working but I dislike having to mess with my hair so much, usually if it’s cut correctly it just spikes itself.

We made an awesome dish this week, Teriyaki Glazed Chicken Thighs with Teriyaki Glazed Vegetables and Ramen Noodles…it was all yummy BUT the Edamame…our first time eating it and will be our last. We are always open to trying new things, but this time it definitely did not work out.

We went to the resorts Bingo but didn’t win. It hardly cost us anything and the jackpots were humongous. We’re be staying here off and on for the next few months, hopefully we’re have another opportunity to play again.

This week we worked a local Jyve, but next week we’re doing another road trip, we’re heading to Pinetop-Lakeside again.

Sunday, January 19, 2020


We began having a leak from our water heater and within days it got worse, to the point of almost a steady flow. After checking around about repairs and hearing the costs of hundreds into thousands we decided to dig into ourselves. We had to remove our shelf area which took the longest of time, and then investigated…found the leak…replaced the water pump and voila the leak stopped. We do make such a great team in ALL areas of our lives.

We had to be out of the Thousand Trail system for a week so we stayed at Holiday Village in Mesa, Arizona. They accepted Passport America for 6 of those days and ended up costing us around $150, not bad for this area at this time of the year. Check out our separate blog for the entire review.

And yet another “Road Trip”…this time to Pinetop, AZ to work a Jyve at Safeway. We opted to stay 2 nights since it was an early and long work day. It was nice to take roads we had not been on before, mostly because driving Maggie on some of them is too scary, but driving MayC works for us. We’re getting pretty good at this Jyve work, quick and easier every time, and doing the traveling is like a short vacation, we are really enjoying ourselves.

We stayed at Green Tree Inn & Suites in Pinetop-Lakeside in a suite and it was nice. A fantastic shower head with all sorts of settings which helped our aching muscles. A firm king size bed, couch, chairs and room to just hang out. The parking area still had not been shoveled and it was hard maneuvering around and it had not snowed in days.

We have been extensively traveling now for so much of our lives and have been so blessed not to have many incidents. On each of our last two road trips we had tiny incidents…on our way to Flagstaff,  still in Mesa on the 8 lane freeway, an idiot at a high rate of speed, sharply passing us ran over this huge item in the road and shattered it right in our path…no way of avoiding it for us, HE COULD HAVE but chose to cross the lane right over it. You could hear the hits on the car but was low enough that it didn’t hit the windshield, and we thought we got lucky. That was until we arrived at our destination and we seen our shattered turn signals. Easy fix, they needed to be ordered, so after a week we replaced them and they look marvelous.

Our next trip to Pinetop, again still in Mesa, we had something hit our windshield. Luckily, it was not in the middle and it didn’t go through, but it is a huge hit. We will wait to see how it progresses before we do a repair on it. We do have glass repair on our insurance, but still not sure how we will handle this incident yet.

On Saturday, January 18, we celebrated 23 years of marriage. Our bond is stronger than either of us ever imagined it could be and we are grateful. To have been so blessed to not only find our life partners in each other, but to be the best of friends as well has been the most spectacular experience ever. We work together, we play together, we strategize together, we plan together, we cry together and we always have each others backs. This lifestyle is not for everyone, but for us it’s perfect!

Saturday, January 18, 2020

701 S Dobson Road
Mesa, AZ 85202
(480) 962-1694

We paid $148 for a week stay using our 50% off Passport America membership. We had a huge back in site with water, 50amp electric and sewer on fairly level gravel with a concrete patio pad.

This is not a RV Resort, this is a trailer park. The area is sketchy and there is no security, even though they have a guard gate at the entrance that is ALWAYS empty, anyone can enter at any time.

They do have an office that is closed on the weekend, and limited times during the days.

There are NO dumpsters located on the premises…you leave your trash on the curb in a “big trash bag” for pickup on Fridays…strangest request ever…we would have to purchase big trash bags, so instead we took our trash with us on days we left and put it in dumpsters at local businesses.

This is not our type of place and we will not be returning.

Friday, January 10, 2020

It’s a New Year with a New Attitude

Our plans for New Years Eve changed drastically due to me catching a cold that Jerry had been fighting for days that HE SHARED, so now we both have a little bit of it. It’s my own fault, he told me his throat was feeling a bit scratchy and I continued to kiss him…will I ever learn that with old age comes my weaker immune system? We never used to get sick, but now it happens way too often, but thank goodness it’s just a small cold this time that we are fighting with lots of Vitamin C, Vicks and cough drops. Not the way we had planned to spend the new year, but it’s all good! Took a few extra days, but I’m feeling human again.

This year we have chosen to stay positive and not sink into the dark despair like we usually do at this time of the year and it feels right. We are living in the moment and not trying to control every little thing that happens, just allowing life to flow.

We were having some wine and talking when we got a message about an opportunity and we both got excited…it led to a great “ROAD TRIP” to Flagstaff, Arizona…

We headed out on Tuesday morning, got to Flagstaff around 11am, stocked the shelves at Safeway, finished up about 4pm, checked into our hotel and had a great time. The suite was fantastic and the shower was magnificent. Got on the road Wednesday about 11am and got back home around 2pm…it was wonderful.

We stayed our first two weeks at Mesa Sprit RV Resort using our Thousand Trails, but now it’s time to go elsewhere for a week before we return again for two, we will be doing this for the next few months while we are working some Jyve’s and some PepWear events, and also finally crossing off working the Spring Training in Surprise, Arizona off our “Life List”…looking forward to finally working it, but not too excited about the daily commute from Mesa, but we were unable to reserve a resort closer that did not have age restrictions for Maggie, so we do what we have to do and make it work.