Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Campground Closing Phase

This campground goes into an entirely different phase once Labor Day is over. For the first few days it was really nice, we were able to have a campfire and just act like guests but that gets old really fast when we realize that the guests, seasonals and even the owners do not come to visit.

We are stuck here until the first of October and until then, only one of us at a time are able to take a short trip to town when supplies are needed. For the most part Jerry does this because I learned fast that it makes me feel worse to leave for a short time and have to come back so soon. It works for Jerry better because he prefers getting away for a short time than not at all.

This time of the year, the weather takes a drastic turn…it has been windy, rainy and freezing. The temperatures dropping below freezing at night and only warming up to the 50’s during the day.

We had so much energy at first that we really tackled many of the projects, so there is not much left to do and for the most part it is so cold, wet and windy we just want to snuggle up and not venture out of our rig…but we do.

What I wouldn’t do right now for the sounds of a full campground…a child’s shrill…a crackling fire…laughter…footsteps on the gravel road. Instead, the raindrops on the roof are no longer the sound of peacefulness but instead are very annoying. The windows are constantly steamed up once again due to the moisture in the air, we are running our humidifier and heater almost non-stop.

Counting down the days…very soon now we will be able to drive off into the next phase of our journey and travel around the country, heading southwest to some warmer climates…soon…very soon.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Thoughts...

Today is a day to stop and take a deep look inside yourself and truly be thankful for all that you have. We can continue to be afraid of ourselves or we can step up and step out of our egos and live the life we are truly meant to live.

Personally, I was not affected by the tragedy that came upon our country just a few short years ago, but in some way we were all affected. My sadness comes when I think about those first few hours, days and even weeks when we as a country banned together and there was peace everywhere. Why can’t today be the same way?

I remember the exact moment in that time when I felt an eerie presence of absolutely no activity in our skies. The stillness that came across my soul as I looked up and knew that there were no planes traveling for the first time in many years.

Life gave us many heroes from that day, but what I really felt was the togetherness of all mankind. There was no crime in our streets because we were all in shock that something as horrific as that event could happen on our sacred land. We all need to continue to ban together and reach that peacefulness we all shared during that moment in time when one event has changed us all forever. Let us choose to change our thoughts for the better so those heroes of that time do not ever regret what they did for all mankind.

Monday, September 03, 2007

A Very Difficult and Challenging Season but We Made it Through…

Tonight, we move back into our rig from the two-bedroom apartment we have to stay in during the season. It’s a nice place to visit but…our rig is our home and even though it may be much smaller, I miss it after a only a few weeks, let alone a few months.

Another reason I love this time of the season is, for the most part, we only have a few reservations until the end of September, and then we close it down. We truly love our guests and are very blessed with the best guests ever but it’s also nice to have the campground mostly to ourselves and not have to maintain late night store hours, cleaning, smiling, creating and all the other things that go into maintaining a great campground. Now comes the time our workload lessens and our days are not so long so we can even find the time to relax and fish or sit by a campfire and roast a marshmallow or two.

Then, the best part is once we close it all down; we get on the road and travel for a few months before settling down in Phoenix for a short time before traveling around again. That is what we love doing the most and what we plan to get more of in the years to come as we find a way to support this lifestyle without having to stay in one spot for too long.

Now, we will have the time to update our website, blog, and share our photos and stories with all of you more often. This is why we do what we do!