Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Friday, October 31, 2008

This Too Can Happen To YOU!

If you are not one of the folks who chose to come into this lifestyle with a nest egg and some steady source of income, you too can be put into this position. We are out of cash…out of food but the big difference from yesterday is we have our faith and hope restored and the only thing that changed was our attitudes.

Even though many people could not live this way, we do okay with it because of the many places and people we have met and would not have unless we made this move. Today we may be strapped financially but all of this usually changes in a moment and then we are driving down the road smiling at all the new and exciting adventures ahead for us. But it takes a certain amount of courage to be able to do this lifestyle on a wing and a prayer as we do it. So take this into consideration when you are making your decisions about living your life on the road without any income but what you earn through work because it can be difficult at times but for us, these days beat any good days we had in the stationary life.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Birthday Breakdown

Being out here and having to find work all the time that fits into our schedule is not always easy, but then again, neither was the stationary lifestyle for us. We have our good and bad times, we have written before that there are times when we are riding the gravy train and then other times we are barely scraping by. Our plans fell through for the work we had planned here in Phoenix because our Jeep died which started an avalanche of feelings that we began sinking into this “poor us” attitude. Not very appealing at all but it is what it is.

We gave ourselves permission to break down and cry. It was my birthday and for over two years now our days are spent without our daughter and grandson…not even a phone call because she is still carrying a grudge for an argument that happened so long ago…she has chosen never to accept my apology and this is out of my control so I have put it into God‘s hands and he is taking his sweet time in doing anything about it. Then to make things worse…we are out of food…out of cash…and almost out of hope. We had a prospect to buy our Jeep, which we need to sell, and when that fell through…we lost it.

But this time instead of giving ourselves the positive approach that we usually give ourselves…we chose to allow ourselves to wallow in our self-pity and we threw a pity party for ourselves all day long. We cried…we spewed…we cursed…we laughed…and that is how it went for most of the day. Went to sleep without any hope…any dreams…any belief…just pain…but we awoke as we usually do with an attitude of a brand new day! Things always have a way of working out and we know this too shall pass!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Advantages of Boondocking

Our month was up at the RV Park so we are now boondocking in the desert for a few days before we head to PIR to boondock for a few more days at the race track. Not always a good thing for us since our rig is limited but we are bound and determined to do it more often.

We have always thought one of the greatest benefits to boondocking is that it is free but last night we found other advantages for doing it as well. Being away from the harsh lighting that is usually very bright in parking lots, parks or campgrounds was a welcomed treat last night. Also, watching the coyotes and javelinas in the moonlight was breathtaking but then to listen to the nearby sounds of them throughout the night was spectacular.

We spent the morning picking up the litter in the desert around us to give back what we are receiving from being able to boondock here. We know that we are intimately connected with all things and we each have the power to affect our world and live more consciously by doing as much as we can every day. Something we are learning by accepting the 29 Day Giving Challenge

Friday, October 24, 2008

Phoenix Has Not Been Kind

As usual we came here with high hopes but then life gave us challenges but the big difference is how we are handling these issues this time.

We lined up different work for the winter in Phoenix and had a few weeks of down time before starting but we made the most of it. But then when training was to begin, the Jeep had different ideas. We have been so lucky thus far with the mechanics on both vehicles…if and when they have ever previously broken down…it was during the times we had a steady money flow…this time was the total opposite. So, now onto our next adventure.

Since we have most of the race tracks for next year lined up for work and we would not be needing the Jeep as much, we have decided to let her go. Financially, it is the right decision, the cost of keeping it for the next year compared to the use just does not calculate. If for the next year it does not work out, we will either get another smaller vehicle or as we have been contemplating getting a pair of motorcycles instead. In the meantime, we can get more use on our bicycles and get into shape at the same time. Just a little adjustment to the type of work we need to find for now and future work, but that also seems to be falling into place as well.

Life certainly has a way of working itself out once we learned to take deep breaths and just flow with it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stop Focusing on Fixing Ourselves & Start Living

It is true that too much of anything can hurt more than not. We have been constantly focusing on “fixing” ourselves…making sure we meditate every day, read our scriptures, speak the words…on and on and on. Well, we finally realized that by focusing so much of our time on changing who we are, we actually lost ourselves. By constantly doing what the books and others say to do ALL the time has not allowed us to just live our lives and be us…exactly the way we are right now…this has caused us to miss out on some pretty terrific days. Too much of anything is too much, there should always be a balance for everything, including the good things and now that we have found that balance, life seems to be taking care of itself and we are free to be all that we can and have ever imagined.

As usual it has been very rough being here in Phoenix, so we have made the decision that this will be our last year wintering here. In the future, we will pass through to take care of our vehicle registrations and attend the race at PIR as we are headed elsewhere to spend the winter. The only thing keeping us here this year is we have already secured what seems to be some really fun work but we are planning to leave much earlier than usual because we are ready to move on with our lives and let the past go.

Phoenix was our home, but now our home is with us all the time in our hearts. Being truly alive now more than we have been in a very long time, stepping back, enjoying every moment and having the time of our lives.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Shooting Pool Once Again

It had been years since we both shot pool and since we are on idle time for a few more weeks we went to the game room and had so much fun. We do agree that it is just like riding a bike…some things in life you just don’t forget. All the magic for both of us came back as we shot pool, laughed and talked about when we first met. Our skills were still pretty good but we never knew we were so intense during play, we remembered how competitive we use to be but we no longer are…or so we thought before we seen these photos…maybe it’s just deep concentration.

When your life takes a different path…many things that were everyday happenings…have to change. Once we chose to quit smoking, other things had to go as well. Our alcohol assumption and many of the activities that went along with that entire drinking era like billiards, darts, and many of our friends had become just another activity that needed to change. The good thing about it is that it has been years since we quit smoking and now certain activities no longer bring out the reaction to smoking, such as shooting pool. We were able to have a fantastic time and not once having any desire for a cigarette…this is progress and really proves that people and situations can and do change.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What is Truly Important to You

Dreaming is something that is done all the time…making them come true is doing what needs to be done. If you find yourself not going after your dream…stop and truly ask yourself is it really what you want. When it is truly what you want, nothing or nobody will be able to stop you from attaining it. There will always be obstacles in your way but if you really want something bad enough those obstacles turn into challenges that help you grow enough so that you can go further toward your dream.

This is why you have to continuously ask yourself when you are going after what you might believe to be your dream if it really is after all your heart’s desire. On a daily basis, we tweak our lifestyle because what we thought we wanted isn’t always what we really want so we change and move forward.

When life sends us challenges, we are now open to understanding that there are always messages in each of those challenges and until we receive, truly receive those messages they will continue to resurface. We now get it and choose to take those challenging messages and create a path that takes us to our next journey, the journey of truly living our dreams with every breath we take.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Our Lives Taking an Entirely Different Turn

Not only are we on the journey of our lives traveling around the country…taking in every mile and loving every moment but we are also on the spiritual journey. Lately, this part of our journey has been taking on some very new approaches and helping us realize what and where we are headed.

Nothing seems to be going on for us here in Phoenix any longer, we thought that we would always come back here and we might have under different circumstances but time has changed things and we no longer feel as if this is where we want to spend that much time anymore. The weather is a big factor but after much research, we concluded that we could find the same sort of weather elsewhere here in the west. After attending PIR in November and taking care of some personal business, instead of hanging out here, we are moving onward to other work we have lined up.

Life always has a way of changing things when you continue living in the moment and always flowing with it. This we are learning more everyday and truly enjoying how when we give up our control and allow life to just happen for us…everything works out for the best for everyone involved.

We found this great website for our spiritual journey that we are able to be inundated with the positive aspects in life where we can become all that we are meant to become during our journey’s, both the inner and outer ones we continuously go on every moment. Check it out when you get a moment and as usual thank you for all of your comments, we truly appreciate knowing that we are helping others in their quests as well as our own!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Relax…Are You Kidding Me?

We spent yesterday visiting friends…old and new…shopping and eating at one of our favorite places (Pioneer Restaurant) that serve, the best, all you can eat, Fish & Chips. Had a great day finding some great deals and loads of fun visiting with folks we haven’t seen in quite awhile.

Now this morning the panic is setting in…we have been here now for a week and even though we are paid up for at least a month and having several jobs lined up here and there we still have a tendency to think that if we are not working or doing something we will perish.

When does this feeling of always having to do something disappear…or does it? The “what if’s” continue deep inside our heads asking…more like demanding answers…answers to questions that usually never happen.

So for today, we will continue to relax, have some fun and understand that our lifestyle has changed us completely. The heat broke and it is actually a cool, crisp day in the desert and this is the time we will take in a deep breath of fresh air, smile and know that everything will and always does work out once we began to live in this moment and allow it to take place without trying to constantly force an outcome.

“Life is as special as you choose to make it!”

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Spending Some Time in Phoenix

Wintering here is always a good choice…but we will not get here this early in the season ever again…temperatures have been reaching over 100 degrees…with the weather forecasts hardly changing…sunny and hot every day. We have been here a few days and have not…no kidding…have not turned on our water heater for showers and dishes. The water coming out of either the hot or cold faucets is so warm that a shower is not even refreshing.

We won’t be staying put in one campground for too long this winter since we have several different work opportunities that warrant our moving around the area…not so bad since we really do love change. As for now we are back at the Pioneer RV Park located in the northern part of Phoenix off of I-17 and has always been our favorite park in this area. Construction on the Interstate is still never-ending and on Sunday night a little after nine they did a dynamite blast…wow did that freak us out! Imagine sitting in your rig…watching television and boom-boom-pop-pop-crackle-crackle lighting up the area and then smoke bellowing over your rig…that is how close we were to this blast. We actually called 911 because we thought it was a tremendous accident on the Interstate but later found out after talking to a resident that this was planned…we just weren’t informed. That was definitely an exciting evening.

We have been swimming every day due to the heat and of course our air conditioner has been on most of the day, but it has been cooling a bit in the evenings…enough for opened windows with the fans on and last night we even turned the fans off but left the windows opened. A cool down is suppose to be arriving this weekend…days in the 80’s and nights into the 60’s…what a relief!

Our inner journey is coming along much better than we had ever anticipated, especially now being here in Phoenix and none of the old feelings are surfacing. The feelings we always carried with us while in the same area as “family” has always been, well less than positive but because of all the soul searching we have done in recent years all of this has changed. Our new lifestyle has been much more than just our physical travels, it has given us the opportunity to reach deep within ourselves and begin traveling down some very different roads. We now have the love, confidence and admiration for ourselves that we can hold our heads high and enjoy every moment of our lives…both the good and not so good. We are now living our lives from the truth of who we truly are, not what we have always believed ourselves to be. It has been the best few years of our lives and now having all this knowledge and learning more every day, we can now see our future journeys to be even more than we ever imagined. Life continues to get better every moment of every day and for this we are internally grateful!