Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Monday, March 29, 2021

Time is Flying

We finished up the work we were doing with PepWear, even though they had the entire month of May available for us to continue, we would be off now through then and they have no work for us June, July and August. It would also mean we could not get to our summer work in West Yellowstone on time, so now we will be meandering north slowly. It was a sad choice because we love the work, but if only they had enough to keep us busy all summer but they don’t, plus the heat is coming to Arizona and we want to be out of here by then.

After our grueling 5 day, 15+ hour per day event, we treated ourselves to a hotel stay at the Courtyard by Marriot for a much needed long shower and stretch. It was a great stay, the shower was a walk-in, the bed was so comfortable, and the seating was just what we needed.

We ordered pizza from Pizza Hut because we wanted to try their Detroit Style, but unfortunately they were out, so we got a pan crust instead and they were fantastic. We also ordered for our first taste of a quepapas…oh my it was so yummy. It’s mashed potatoes, cheese and a touch of jalapeños rolled in batter and deep fried. Our first time will definitely not be our last time for these yummy snacks. We paired it with one of our Perry Berry wines...Gold Digger!

We have all the honey do’s this week before we head out of the area. Even though we are only heading a few hundred miles to our favorite place in Arizona for a few weeks, we still need to get things dusted and ready for travel since we have been sitting for way too long.


The rear passenger window on the Jeep went off the track and would not stay up or down, so we did like most do it yourselvers do, we googled it and watched several videos. But, once we, mostly Jerry removed the door panel, we found it to be totally different then the videos showed, it was a different regulator. So we watched more videos and finally were able to find the correct one and ordered the part so Jerry could install the correct one. He is my hero, always has been, always will be!