Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Saturday, November 28, 2020

We Just Don’t Get Some Things in Life

Our Thousand Trails Membership, Mesa Spirit RV Resort and Monte Vista RV Resort, has now put a stipulation on how old our rig can be, and trust me she’s showing her worn out age everywhere, so they found she is not suitable for their resort…well crap! Maggie’s getting older and has seen better days, but to discriminate against her is just wrong. Yes, she now has several areas with bandaids on her since her skin is cracking and we just can’t afford a full paint job nor a newer model, so we continue repairing the best we can. We are taking this very hard due to us feeling as if we are unworthy, a feeling we have both shared in our hearts for a very long time and has been difficult to erase from our internal tapes that play continuously. 

Our biggest concern about this recent experience is when that happens it makes us feel like we are white trash, and we’re not, we’re just not financially savvy. We have worked hard all of our lives for what we have, we do the best we can, but it’s never good enough for others and we get judged that we are poor. We are not, we are rich in so many ways, we just have never been able to really handle our finances and that is why we stopped everything on credit and for the past 17 years there have been no notes, no debt, and if we can’t pay cash, then we don’t get it. That has been tough because we would love a new RV, but we don’t want to have a note.


How dare they discriminate against us because we don’t drive the best RV...DISCRIMINATION in any form is just not right...OPLM Old People’s Lives Matter too!


WHY IS IT????? All the new programming EVERYONE is social distancing (sort of) BUT NOBODY is wearing a mask...SERIOUSLY, but WE HAVE TO wear one everywhere! NOT LIKING THIS CRAP AT ALL! We are so over this nonsense, we want to just live again


We had a hotel night at Vee Quiva Hotel & Casino…What a nice room with the exception of the bed and the toilet, they were both so low to the ground it hurt to get on and off of them, other than that the bed was comfortable. The shower was fantastic, with room and the pressure was perfect, strong but not feeling like needles entering the body. The casino was a good size with a variety of slots and no smoking at all in the buildings. There were several take out restaurants, Fatburger and Panda Express, and several others were open and serving. We were upset that they didn’t feel our face shields were good enough and had to wear a mask they gave us, so we left and do not plan to return.

We are just so appreciative that we are on our way out of our lives instead of just beginning them, because if things continue in this ridiculous manner, our future of our country and freedoms are heading in a communism state of mind and we want no part of it. It’s hard enough following ALL these new recommendations, but now people are just being ridiculous about it all. People are getting nasty and are going crazy because the media is telling them to be the police eyes out there if others are not wearing their masks or not social distancing…stop this madness and let’s all go back to living our lives without all the judgments. 


It’s sad that our President elect doesn’t know what holiday it is… Everybody needs to take their Turkey back, get a ham and start coloring eggs since there is no reason right now to be thankful! What a dumbass…OMFG...4 Years of this with nobody knowing what day it is or where we are...we have been part of the Fugowee Tribe for years, but we’ve been happy there, never knowing where the fuck are we, but now the dumb ass and all his followers will be there too! NOT FAIR! Just remember all you Dems voted him in…


We worked a Girls Volleyball Championship in Gilbert, AZ for PepWear last week. These events are so much smaller than we are used to, but at least we’re doing what we love. There were so many parents that the stands were full and everyone wore masks, but nobody was social distancing. Personally we would prefer social distancing, washing hands and cleaning surfaces over wearing masks, but it looks as if we don’t get that choice and we are certainly tired of it ALL!

Our Thanksgiving was spent for the first time in a long time cooking a turkey, we have not had turkey and all the fixings in a long time. We had deviled eggs, stuffed celery, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy, and of course pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Oh my, we are stuffed and we have enough leftovers for days, let’s hope we can be as creative as our mom’s were back when we were kids and they created wonderful leftovers.

Monday, November 23, 2020

3020 East Main Street
Mesa, Arizona 85213
1/2020, 12/2020


This is an Encore resort that is part of our Thousand Trails membership, so we paid $0 for a two week stay.

Our site was a great size, with enough room for both our vehicles without feeling we were on top of our neighbors. Most are back ins as ours was and ALL are 50amp, so if you don’t have an adapter, they do sell them in the office, not sure how much since we had our own. Fairly flat site on gravel with a cement patio and space for our towed with water, electric and sewer.

The landscaping upkeep was immaculate, as was the other facilities like the laundry and showers.

Our site backed up to a main road so there was excessive road noise, but we are so accustomed to it that it doesn’t bother us.

Monday, November 16, 2020

For Being Such a CRAZY Year...

We have most definitely been blessed…our life has been pretty awesome through it all and we can’t be more grateful.

We hung out in cool Show Low for as long as we could, then we made our way to Mesa, where we will hang out for the next few months. A tad warmer for the first few days but then the weather shifted to the way we like it, warm days and cool nights.


With today’s technologies, it’s harder to keep personal things personal. We believe that there are several things in life that should not be broadcasted to the public, voting is one of those things…who, when, where, why is nobody’s business. Our income, salary, what we negotiated in our contract for our work is nobody’s business. There are several other things that we feel are nobody’s business and this seems to be getting harder all the time with the technology of today. We received very personal text messages, phone calls and emails from everywhere asking some personal questions and even just making very personal comments about our rights as citizens. Election Day and the results couldn’t end soon enough for us so we can get back to just living our lives. Whoever wins is out of our control, but we have learned so many lessons through it all. 


The best lesson is that people can really be stupid and we are so glad we chose and continue to choose the high road and not sink to their destructive level. When and why has rioting and looting become normal for winning or losing? Why do people believe that rioting and looting will solve any issue? So very different than a peaceful demonstration, but they turn ugly and then become worse then what they began to protest. Yes, there are injustices in this country, but rioting and looting is NEVER the answer.


No matter who is our President this election or how this Scamdemic plays out, our lives will continue and we will continue living our lives to the fullest as possible. We fed into some of the chaos and it stops now, it actually stopped weeks ago for us, but now it truly stops. We will not feed into the fears and doom and gloom pattern too many have fed into. We stand proud to be an American and our freedom to choose our own lifestyle still exists and we plan to grab it with all the strength we have and live our lives to the fullest.


We worked our first event, a Swim Competition in Mesa, and even though it is not close to the way it was, it is much better than it could have been. No parents or fans were allowed in the Aquatic Center, heck we weren’t allow to sell our merchandise in the Center, but we had a great location right outside where parents could get to us, so it wasn’t so bad. It was so good to see kids again being normal, or as normal as possible during these times, they all kept their masks on and social distancing was always attempted. We have competitions every week going forward through November, possibly through May, and we hope things get easier and stay on this path of recovery from all the harm this Scamdemic has caused us. 

Our 2nd event was Cross Country in Gilbert, Arizona and it went even better. 

We just need to hold on to our faith that it WILL get back to really living our lives once again. We feel it already has for us since we turned off our media feeds and are just relaxing and not being overwhelmed by all the crap they are trying to feed everyone. 


Life will be great again, we all have to keep believing and praying for it and it will happen. Keep focusing on the greatness, knowing we will come out of it having a much brighter outlook if we just stay focused. Life is grand once again as we let go of 2020 and move forward with 2021!

Monday, November 02, 2020

270 N Clark Road
Show Low, AZ 85901
5/2020, 10/2020

We used our Thousand Trails membership for a water, 30/50 amp, sewer back-in site on gravel with a patio. They offered free WiFi and cable that we did not use.

This is a resort with Park Models around the outer rows and RV sites scattered within the middle rows.

Well manicured and kept clean.

All the buildings were closed except the laundry room, which was only open a limited time Monday through Friday.