Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Swapping Hats

We had a few days to relax and move back to Mesa Spirit RV Resort where we feel much safer, but when costs are so high in this area, we do what we got to do with our memberships.

We had our first “Training Day” at the Surprise Baseball Training and we realized immediately that they are understaffed and VERY disorganized among several other red flags, so we decided it is not a good fit for us. The daily drive to Surprise was excruciating the several times we had to do it and would not want to have to do it for the entire month. It’s really sad when you look forward to something for so long and when it finally happens it ends up being a real let down, but that’s life and we’re good with our decision.

We worked another event for PepWear in Tucson and it was busy and we had fun. 

We stayed at the Desert Diamond Hotel and it was marvelous. Love the walk-in shower...check in and out was a tad slow due to slow computers, but they were pleasant. The room was large, clean and a comfortable bed.

For now we continue Jyving and looking for other work too…not sure where we go from here but we are not going to panic and just allow life to show us the right path…there are so many opportunities that are perfect for us, we just have to be patient. Retirement sure helps ease the anxieties, it doesn’t pay all our expenses and that is why we are grateful that we are still allowed to work to supplement our income.

Sunday, February 09, 2020

Mostly Work…Some Play

We watched the Super Bowl, even though neither of our teams were there, and both the teams that were are not even on our top 10 favorite list, but we watched anyway for the commercials and halftime show. We were so disappointed in both. 

The halftime show was more like a striptease show, pole included. For two woman with such fantastic voices, why do they think they needed to degrade themselves so badly, especially in front of their daughters? 

As for the commercials…most were so emotional and lame, but there were a few good ones...

Our favorite was the NASCAR one…What Super Bowl means to a NASCAR fan…2 weeks...So it begins...

We went to Olive Garden for the “Never Ending Stuffed Pastas” and we were both a bit disappointed. The salad and breadsticks were awesome as usual, but there were only three choices of stuffed pasta. The stuffed ravioli and shells were tasty, the sauces were amazing, but the Zita Fritta was terrible.

We did a PepWear event on Saturday, but nothing like the ones we do in the Fall. This was a small event with only Jerry and I setting up, working it, then tearing down all within a few hours. The setup is not elaborate, just a few tables with shirts, plaques and accessories to sell. We surpassed our goal by a bunch, so a bonus will be applied…YEAH! 

This is our ride for these two PepWear events since we have to carry around the setup, another small event next Saturday and we also begin Spring Training, so it should be interesting.

Sunday, February 02, 2020

It’s Going to Get Really Busy Here Soon

Does it feel every time you hurt yourself the pain gets stronger and lasts so much longer than when you were younger? Guess that comes with age, let me tell you…growing old is not for the weak!

We did yet another road trip up to Lakeside-Pinetop to work a Jyve at Safeway, this time it was frigid and snow flurries but no accumulation…thank goodness. It will probably be our last Jyve for awhile since we have a few PepWear events and the Spring Training work coming up, but it’s been fun!

Temperatures in Mesa have been exceptionally wonderful, highs mid 70’s and lows in the 40’s makes for great sleeping weather. We know it’s going to get hotter here as each month approaches and we have yet to find any work for the summer, but we have our feelers out.

We seen a strange vehicle yesterday, actually about six of them, so we looked them up and found out they are our future. Waymo was on the side of these vehicles, so we googled it and this is what we found…INTERESTING, this is our future! Check out their website for all their information.

We did our training at Spring Training in Surprise, Arizona and found it interesting. Our manager, Danny is a very intuitive man who knows the business and understands that we are temporary employees and is not demanding some of the “must haves” for regular employees, even though we had to walk through hoops for the initial paperwork, now it’s time to enjoy and have some fun! We don’t start until the 14th of February, but there will be an additional training next week for me since I will be a lead cashier. We are really looking forward to it. As for this upcoming week, we have a PepWear event in Tucson that we are looking forward to as well.