Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Our Experience at Bayley’s Camping Resort

NOTE:  This was written in June and it is now August and even though we had sent several more emails we have yet to receive any sort of communication from anyone at Bayley’s.  About a week after we left the other cook, Roy texted us that he had quit.  He had been there for 4 years and explained that he could no longer put up with all the chaos and thanked us for opening his eyes.  It's sad for us since we had such high hopes for spending the summer in Maine and enjoying the surrounding areas but instead we struggled and continue to try to understand what we could do different to avoid this from happening again.   Driving over 6,000 miles round trip is a huge learning experience when it turns out as wrong as it did.

Well as many of you know this turned out to be an impossible place for us to work for many reasons.  Just to name a few would be lack of communication, incompetent management and not fulfilling promises made.  We have called, texted and sent emails and have yet to receive any sort of reply from either the restaurant manager or the general manager of the resort, which just solidifies our position of leaving. 

We are not sure if we were even let go, we were taken off the schedule and all communication from them ceased, no replies at all from our several attempts to contact them regarding our schedule.  We have been full time traveling for over 10 years and have managed and worked at many campgrounds and restaurants during that time and have never worked for anyone who is so unqualified for a restaurant management position.  Most of the chaos which was almost all the time when he was in the restaurant was caused by him.  He knows nothing about hiring the right people and when he does get the right people he does not know how to treat them right.  He does not know how to put people in their correct jobs that would make things run smoother and he does not know how to schedule so that the busy times are covered correctly. 

We are highly trained professionals that know how to do all of these things and have run businesses that do a much higher volume than their cafĂ© ever could and we did it without any of the chaos.  When hiring kids which we have many times, it is then your responsibility as a manager to assure they are trained properly and not allow them to dictate what, where and when they will work.  That is not doing our young generation any favors, it only proves how inadequate the management is.

These kids were scheduled and then they stood around doing nothing or the manager would play around with them all the while the 3 elders worked our butts off, that would be Jerry, myself and Roy.  Once the busy rush was over he would let them leave which would leave all the cleanup to us.

He promised us that we could run the new restaurant once it was completed.  We were thrilled because we knew we would not be inundated with his incompetence or the untrained kids but then at the last minute he changed his mind as he did from the moment we arrived.  What we were promised by him over and over again never surfaced over and over again and we do not work for people who do not say what they mean or mean what they say.  But, we were willing to fulfill our contract until he removed us from the schedule and never returned our calls to let us know what our new schedule for Father’s Day weekend would be.  We texted him several times and left messages but even up to now he has never returned any of our calls or texts so we assumed he let us go.  Our emails went unanswered by the general manager as well.

This has been a trying time for us as we drove over 3,000 miles to work for them and would then need our entire season paychecks to get us to make our return trip of over 3,000 miles.  We had to find other work which many of the other places in the area recognized good, professional workers when they met us but we lost weeks of work in between and the promised hours from the beginning was much less so we never quite got out from being behind.  We are still struggling to be able to make enough money for our 3,000 mile trip to our winter job.

We are not sure as a guest if we would be happy here either, the place is huge, they have over 700 sites, several pools, hot tubs, lakes, stores, restaurants and so much to do but the attitudes of management is so rude so often to the guests that we would not recommend it to others because to pay so much for a site and to be treated so rudely would not be something we would easily accept.

The area is fabulous and the campground is marvelous but for the most part the owners and staff are rude and just downright nasty.  Take them away and this would be a wonderful place to spend the entire summer while enjoying the fantastic area that it is in.

Please check out our photos and see what a beautiful place it really is if they had different management who knew how to hire the right people and treat them and all people with respect then we would highly recommend it to others.   Google + Web Albums.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

HELP WANTED - Are You Interested in Working Fireworks?

When we were looking for work these past few weeks, we went to several websites that sell fireworks and submitted our information.  Many of them never advertised in the areas of the full time travelers like us and never heard about our type of workers and now that we found work we are being contacted from some of them.

If any of you are in the area and would want to work a Firework Stand in Connecticut, please contact me immediately for more information.  This opportunity sounds better than any of the others we have been in contact with, they will pay for your RV at a nearby park or a hotel dependent on how you travel so you will not have to stay on site all night.  That was always our big issue.  They have a locked storage container that you load and unload daily into the tent to sell the merchandise.  You can make about $3,000 for about 10 days of work.  Opening day is June 25 and July 4 is last sales day but will have to inventory on July 5.

If we had not already committed ourselves we would have jumped on this opportunity and we plan to keep in touch and possibly work for them next year.

Gainfully Employed Once Again

Well we hung in there and things turned around…as they usually do if we just hold on tight and enjoy the ride while it is running amuck.

We have learned that to get what you want we have to speak up, not aggressively but assertively and once the shock wore off of being told we were not qualified we not only sent emails out to several different opportunities we also sent an email and phone call to the place that said we were not qualified.  We even sent one to Bayley’s to let the owner/general manager know exactly how it all went down but we have not heard back from them which in all honesty we did not feel that they would get back to us since they are aware of the Restaurant manager’s attitude and for the most part just brushed it off.  We will be sharing our review of the entire situation in a separate blog.

But back to the good news…

When we applied at Saco KOA we spoke with the managers who have managed it for about 4 years but for the original owner who sold it and Sun Communities took it over this past April.  Living in this lifestyle for over 10 years we have never had to jump through so many hoops to work a few months at any place but we were willing to do all of this because we hit it off so well with the managers and we could see that we could help one another and we wanted to stay in the area.

A few days after we left there we received a call from the managers and was told that the corporate office was now changing things and they would now consider us once again.  At this time we had already committed ourselves to jumping back on with Scootaround for the Indiana and Kansas Fairs so we informed them we would love to come now but only until the end of July and they agreed.  After a few more days of paperwork being passed back and forth we were hired, well we still need to take the drug test on Monday but unless they test for Advil and wine we are in the clear.

We got settled in on Friday and were greeted with hugs and good vibes from all.  We start working today, I will be in the Office/Registration/Reservations on evenings and Jerry will work dinner at the Merry Moose, then he will be security until around midnight.  We decided that even though I will not get paid that I would join him once I shut down the office at around 10pm and hang out with him driving around doing security.  We have always loved doing the night security together as we have at many of the NASCAR events, this will be a bit tamer so we will really enjoy it more.

We will be working 6 days so as far as visiting the area there will not be much of it, but we will be able to put away enough in our gas fund to begin our journey back west.  We will be stopping in Indiana to work the fair, then another stop in Kansas to work that fair and then back to work pumpkins in Southern California.  It feels as if life is back on track once again, we just pray Maggie makes this journey west without any major issues.  Keep your prayers coming!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Pinehirst RV Resort

7 Oregon Avenue
Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064
June 18-20, 2014

We were scheduled for 5 nights but left just after 3 nights.  We paid $18.36 for an unlevel, grassy site with water, electric and sewer located in the very front of the park.  There were mostly all permanent sites that were not really kept up really well.  We used $15 in Coast to Coast points and the balance was “Resort Fees” and taxes.

So annoying when first they call it a resort, then it is an Encore property and then it ends up actually being a trailer park with a few open sites.  There was a smell of oldness and sewer at our site that at times was overwhelming.

The staff were very friendly and helpful but it does not make up for the tackiness of the place advertised as a resort. The pool was nice and well maintained.

We would not return and would not recommend it to others.  Also, when we checked out we were emailed a survey that we returned and explained our concerns and nobody has contacted us back.

For more photos, check out our Google + Web Albums.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pine Tree Seafood & Produce Company

9 Ocean Park Road
Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064

We had yet to have a “Lobstah Roll” and we had been in Maine for almost 2 months so we needed to rectify this situation.  Even though we were having some really rough times we rode our bikes around the area and stopped at this place just to gawk and drool but instead the price was right and he made us a smoking deal we could not refuse…

We had the best tasting Shrimp, Crab and Lobster Rolls made from fresh meats, vegetables and sauces and made to order.

We also had a smooth, creamy and very tasteful Clam Chowder Soup that was spectacular.  The chowder was not made onsite but it was good anyway.

We would highly recommend this place for purchasing prepared sandwiches or just the meat for you to make your own.  They have all the ingredients you would need available in the store.

For more photos, check out our Google + Web Albums.

Thank You…Thank You…Thank You!

Thank you all for your donations, your prayers, your thoughts, your suggestions.  Your help has made us once again understand that we are not alone and there are good things and wonderful people out there.

Being so self-absorbed in our own issues these past few months just got us deeper into the hole of despair and we apparently needed a big kick in the ass which we got and believe it or not we are grateful…yep, figure that one out! 

That deep hole of despair is gone and that is because of all of our friends and followers!  But, the biggest thing we are taking from this is to get back to being a part of the bigger picture of our lives.  To once again be so grateful for all the things we have and to share in our success and stop being so damn jealous of what others have.  We have learned that we need to get out of our own way at times so that things do not feel so dark and ugly all the time.

We have been able to line up work beginning the end of July all the way through December that will get us back across the country and its work we love.  At this moment we are still in limbo about any work for now but we do have a few leads which we feel will work out within the next few days but until then we are keeping our heads high and will not dive into that black hole of despair.  Things always happen for a reason and we know they always work out eventually if we just allow them to get there.

We driveway mooched for two days and did some sight-seeing with our hosts, Al and Linda Coffin who have been following our blog for over 8 years in preparation of doing it themselves which they have now been on the road for 5 years but also have property in Maine.  They do not have a blog but we are friends on Facebook but now after hanging out with them the past few days we are friends for life.  We will be posting a separate blog about our time with them.

We have moved on and are now paid up for the next 5 days at one of our Coast to Coast parks in the Old Orchard Beach area, we have food to eat, a roof over our heads, great weather, great friends and we have each other.  For now that is enough.

We are keeping on top of any leads we get just in case these few we have currently in the works do not blossom but we are sure one of them will within the next few days.  We cannot wait to give you all the great news since you have all been so kind and encouraging for us.  We will keep you all updated!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Driveway Mooching

We hardly ever driveway mooch but we were in distress mode due to the circumstances and we really wanted to meet with Al and Linda before leaving the area so we headed over there for a few days.

They are full timers, even though they have property in Maine, the house is used by their daughter and grandchildren and they stay in their 5th wheel in the driveway and head out when winter arrives.  They have been following our blog for over 8 years while they were still in the planning stage and then began full timing 5 years ago.  They do not blog but we became Facebook Friends and keep in touch through that social network.  We have been crossing paths many times throughout the years but just were never able to meet up with one another.  They were in Quartzsite one year and came to where we were working but the lines were so long they didn’t want to bother us.  This happens so often in this lifestyle but it’s always nice when the meeting finally takes place since from following one another it’s as if we already know one another anyway and that is exactly how this meeting took place.

In this lifestyle we have only met one couple that we could not relate with, others we like and then there are those who we have such a connection with that it ends up being a lifetime friendship and the latter is exactly how it was with them.  Our conversations were entertaining and never stopped and then they shared the area with us.  They were the perfect hosts and perfect guide tours.

Our first stop was Fort Williams Park…

The ocean views were spectacular…

The Lighthouse views were breathtaking…

We then took a ride to downtown Portland where we had a small window to visit since apparently they were filming some sort of Zombie movie and were closing many of the streets but were open for an hour and a half for lunch and we took advantage and checked it all out.  Jerry and I were surprised and Portland was nothing like we pictured, we thought it would be much smaller and more quant then it is.

Loved the buildings and some of the houses in the area…

Of course we are never disappointed with the ocean views…

Our next stop was what is known as Hacker Hill, a local attraction where a tree was struck by lightening and created this cross.

We were amazed at the wonderful breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, there were even a few with snow still on them…imagine that in June!

Our tour guides then took us through Naples which is a small quant town that had so much character and so many things to do.

Take a ride on the Songo River Queen II, or maybe a plane ride…

Or just hang out and enjoy the lake views…

Whatever you do, this is definitely a place to spend more time and visit.

Our last stop was visiting one of the locks in the Naples area and we got lucky and there was a boat that was going through it.

The day was fabulous, spending time with new friends, talking and enjoying a campfire through the night.  What more could we ask for?  Exactly what we needed at a very stressful time in our lives.  We are so grateful for finally meeting up with them and we know that we will continue this friendship for a long time while passing one another along the way in our travels!

For more photos, check out our Google + Web Albums.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Reaching Out

Well things have just got worse then we could have ever imagined and we are so stuck and almost out of hope.  Things have been going so wrong in 2014 but we kept holding on but now we are almost out of hope and prospects. 

Our job was not all that it was told to us that it would be and now we have no job at all.  We are not sure we were fired but we were taken off the schedule.  We have had issues for weeks now and have been trying to get more hours as we were told we would have but then things got worse.  All the promises were not followed through with and schedules changed all the time and then on our last days off we left as we had done before several times and spent the night away from the campground we tried texting and calling our manager to find out when our next scheduled day was and he would not reply.  We called over a dozen times, left messages and sent texts but nothing.  So in the meantime while we were out we found other work and was going to start immediately so we picked up our last check and went to the new job.  That is once again when things got crazy and all screwed up.  Seems like this campground was just purchased by a company so the hiring process was long but they offered to have us stay at the campground until the process was completed.  We got to know the managers and were sure that we would have a great time finishing off the season there instead.  But then we were told that the corporate office told them that we were not qualified and even though the managers fought hard we were not able to be hired.  We are in shock, we have never been not qualified for any position, especially within a campground.

Anyway that is where we are left at this moment…

No job…no place to stay…less than $300 in our pockets…no credit cards…no line of credit…bills due (phone, insurance and DTV)…1/2 tank of gas…Maggie still in need of some TLC but might just make it to our next destination if she would only run on air instead of gas we could go a lot farther.

We have exhausted all of our efforts in finding work and we just want to go home…oh but wait we are home!  We have found other work out west and other areas but we do not have the means to get there right now, crossing country again would take a few thousand dollars and that is without any complications from Maggie and we just do not have it at this point.

We are currently in Southern Maine still in the Scarborough area and if anyone knows of anyone that might be able to give us some work we would truly appreciate it and if you can find it available to you please add to our travel fund…we are so desperate and promise to pay it forward once we are back on our feet again.

We are able to stay at a friend’s home for a few days and then use our Coast to Coast membership to stay at a park nearby for 5 additional days which we had some points already on our card but now they are gone.  The season is about to take off in this location and all campgrounds as of the first of July are highly over-priced if we could even get into any of them.  We are good for a week now and we are sure that things will happen for us, they usually do but we also know from late experience that those things can be bad as well.

Anyway if you can please help us out and keep us in your prayers that we get the funds to continue on this journey we would deeply appreciate it.  For the first time in a very long time we are scared that things will not turn out well for us and that has been a very hard thing for me since I tend to be the positive one but lately I do not see the light at the end of the tunnel and am really beginning to feel a hopelessness I have not felt in such a very long time.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

June Has Arrived

But you sure couldn’t tell by the weather.  Since we have been here we have yet to put our heater or any of our winter clothes away.  Yesterday it only reached 55 barely and with the rain constantly it stays cold and unfortunately it is the same forecasted for today and these are our days off.

Our first busy weekend was Memorial Weekend and it flew by, we so love it when it is busy.  It wasn’t as busy as they have been saying it would be but sales were up from last year.  We think there is a difference between what some people consider busy and also being chaotic makes it seem as if it is busy when it really is not.  Anyway it was nice to have customers and not just looking for something to keep us busy.  Suppose to go back to not so busy for the next few weeks but then Father’s Day Weekend kicks off the busyness for the rest of June, July and August and when we are finally open 7 days a week and we may just get some hours.  We both have Wednesday and Thursday’s off and unfortunately I also have Monday’s and Tuesday’s off since the restaurant is only open on the weekends right now, thank goodness Jerry is able to work in maintenance on those days. 

We have both been feeling sick and we think part of it is a cold and another part is allergies but we also feel some of it may be due to the mold and we are trying to get it all under control but the weather is not cooperating.  We were able to finally get all the supplies we need to take care of the issues but now we are waiting for a dry day when we can tear apart the upper area and take care of it all.  Even with our dehumidifier working 24/7 we still have a lot of moisture in the rig and it’s hard to stay on top of it all and every time we think we may have all the leaks finally taken care of we find more.  Oh well we are done sweating the small stuff and right now all we can do is laugh!

We had our first whole Maine Lobstah’s and unfortunately we were unaware that they sold females.  Our first two were males and they were yummy but then we cracked into the females without knowing there was a difference and the eggs are bright red and it sort of looked like those wax lips from years ago.  Needless to say we were grossed out and now decided we will fill ourselves up with Lobstah dishes or as we found out we can order “Lazy Man Lobstah” which means they take care of all the cracking and we can just enjoy the rich tasting flavor of the meat.  So far we have had Lobstah Pizza which was great, Lobstah Omelet which was also fabulous and our next taste will be the Lobstah Roll.

On our time off we have taken bike rides to the beach and the local towns but not much more than that and we are hoping to begin touring the area within a few weeks once we get caught up on our finances which has been a bit difficult until we start getting more hours. 

We are definitely struggling, not just our finances but our attitudes are pretty bad lately and we are working hard on them so the tudes do not take over and we take that plunge into the dark hole of life.  Thank goodness we have each other and we are helping one another overcome this situation we have put ourselves into and attempting to come out the other side very soon without losing ourselves completely.  We definitely still have our sense of humors and continue to laugh at ourselves and the situations that continue to come into our lives.  We also have very strong wills that will keep us afloat during all these times but just once we would really like if the light at the end of the tunnel was a bit closer and brighter then it seems to be at this moment.  We know we will make it through this time again as we have so many times in our lives but this time we hope will be the one time that when it is all said and done that we finally reach a stage in our lives that we can look back and say it was all worth the journey!

For more photos, check out our Google + Web Albums.