Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Imagination Verses Reality

We are in our 10th year of full time traveling and absolutely no chance of us ever stopping.

Is it all that we imagined?  I would have to say yes and no!

Finding work…

Has never been an issue, finding the kind of work we love well that is an entirely different subject. 

We imagined writing our stories, taking photos, and sharing them with our readers in books, magazines and blogs.  We imagined writing jingles, creating cards and postcards to sell.  We imagined getting paid enough to allow it to be the only work we had to do all awhile traveling in the style we chose.

Our reality has been a bit different on the types of work we have had to take to get us a paycheck, and even though we are getting very discouraged we will not give up on finding that perfect balance in what we love doing and getting a nice paycheck for doing it.

There have been jobs that we LOVE, others that we just tolerate and some where we do not have the patience or time to allow them to suck the hope out of us.  We continue to search for the ones along the lines where travel is more frequent and staying in one spot is less the norm.  Some of the jobs we have done surprised us on how much we enjoyed them and others disappointed us when we thought they would be the best for us.

When we get this all aligned with our hearts, we will then be able to see our imagination and our reality as the same.  That is all we can continue to strive for and whole heartedly believe that it can be our reality.

Our Travels…

We have seen more than we could have ever imagined and we still love traveling more than we enjoy staying in one place for too long.  At first, six months in one place didn’t seem to be enough, now 6 days in one place is too long.  We are still trying to find the balance in our lives that will allow us to continue traveling while working doing something we love.

We still love traveling the back roads verses the main highways and still only love doing a few hundred miles a day.  We love pushing ourselves to cross those bridges, take the roads less traveled, and to turn that unknown place into a check mark off our Life List.

We still have many places we have yet to see and with each passing day, we add more to our list.  We do not think we will ever accomplish all of them since every time we dwindle that list down, we read about another place to add to it.  Settling down back into the stationary lifestyle is not even an option for us, not sure if it ever will be.  We are having too much fun in our home on wheels.

Finding ourselves…

The biggest surprise for both of us is the spiritual connectedness we have found within ourselves during these past years of traveling.  We have done so much soul changing that we do not even recognize ourselves any longer.  This has been an enlightening journey that we continue to travel every moment of every day.  We have learned to let go of all the drama and live a more relaxing, peaceful life. 

We are open to new adventures and have removed that box from our lives that we had both lived in for so long.  We are free spirited and love our lives from a core we never knew existed.  We have so many new mantras in our lives,” Akuna Matata”, ” No Worries”, and so many others.  It feels good, it feels right. 

We got into a slump and we had to dig deep and pull ourselves out of it and continue living our lives the best we know how with what we have and where we are at this moment.  No need to rehash the reasons for it.  The bottom line is that we both got lazy when a few of our jobs did not turn out the way we had anticipated them.  The good news is that we did not go into a pity party, even though we were invited many times.  We just allowed life to take some of our zest and relocate it for a short time.  Our goal is still to find the right fit for us so that we may travel and do what we love while making a good paycheck. 

At times we need to take a few detours along the way and we may take some untraditional roads to get us on track again but we are never lost, only misguided for a short time.  We have dreams undreamt, we have goals yet to reach, and we have life yet to be lived.  We are searching once again and have the confidence that all of it is possible and we are doing it all with the most zest for life we have ever felt in such a long time.