Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Saturday, July 03, 2021

West Yellowstone - Our Work Experience at Dancing Moose/Cradleboard

We arrived May 1st and work began a few days after and almost immediately we knew this may not be a good fit for us. The huge egos with the black clouds over their heads were apparent at our first meeting and then when two of them were conversing about a customer in a loud manner with tons of prejudice, we knew we were in for a rough summer. Our only hope was because we were told that we would be working at their 2nd store that things would be better there…NOT!


The family dynamics were out of control, nobody likes one another and we were informed of their dislikes several times throughout our days. A family member opened and closed and for the most part was always there micromanaging our every move. Each of them has their strong opinions and prejudices that were conveyed in loud outbursts several times in front of customers or to customers and definitely to us too. We were instructed to peel off all “Made in China” labels before putting them on shelves.


Our RV space was located between a business and a church and was nice and our neighbors were great, but that wasn’t the case for others. They had barking dogs, unruly kids and loud parties going on around them and their area was not kept up as well as ours.


We worked the same days and hours but our shifts were mixed, we had 3 days and 2 nights and they were set incorrectly to where our last night was a late one and our return was an early shift. It was hard to get into a rhythm of good sleep time.


We have never worked with such an opinionated boss in all of our years. Funny thing is that we agree with most of his outbursts, but there is a time and a place and this environment is not the place to discuss some of the subjects he chose to bring into LOUD conversations. Politics…religion…prejudices…NOTHING WAS OFF LIMTS TO ALL OF THEM!


Working in that negative environment for just those few months began changing our upbeat attitudes and we love people…we love happy…we love filling our souls with good vibes…AND WE DON’T DO DRAMA…and this family is full of it! 


“Montana state law requires that an employee who is fired must be paid owed wages on the same day. The law states the payment must sent within four hours of the termination or by the end of the business day.” This did not happen, it took several calls and emails to FINALLY get paid 5 days later.


We would definitely not recommend being in the unprofessional working environment they bring to the table, and we totally regret not leaving sooner.

We have published this post on Workamper, just so others can be aware of the attitudes they will be subjected to if they choose to work there.

A Truly Rough Week

Our boss had been a real bear and continued to get even worse. We have never been so micromanaged or unappreciated in our many years of working. His opinionated outburst just kept getting louder, if that is even possible. The worst part is him treating his 3 teams like kindergartners, 2 of us has more years in retail-customer service than him and 1 team is a newbie to retail BUT has a lot of common sense. So he has 3 competent teams but he HAS to do it all, which is fine but he then rants at us as if we made the biggest mistake because we did something to help him out or on some days he wants us to do it. You can’t win with this guy and we have tried our best to make it work, but the nicer we are the worse he gets. We were ready to give up but we are not quitters, and then our decision was made for us…

We were going to have a chat with him, knowing it might have led to us leaving, but we were prepared to do it because we don’t do the drama and prejudices he brings into our work environment. But instead, he met us outside at the beginning of our shift and let us go. 

The worse of it all was the day this all went down was our grandson’s 22nd birthday and it hit me hard…16 years since he and my daughter left our lives. It changed our lives drastically, it changed who we were and who we became and there is still not a moment that they are not in our thoughts, but for the most part we stifle it because it hurts too much. We’re not ready to talk about it or work through the pain of it, we will continue to not discuss it and just continue to bury all the tears, all the pain and go on with our lives because that is who we have become and there is no going back.

It was tough finding an RV spot for the 4th of July weekend while we looked for other work…but we knew somehow we would survive and we are grateful to feel at peace again and not all tensed up due to his shenanigans.

Everything happens for a reason and this is what is best for our souls…working in that negative environment for just those few months began changing our upbeat attitudes and we love people…we love happy…we love filling our souls with good vibes…AND WE DON’T DO DRAMA…and this family is full of it! 

So we will move upward and onward to better things for us! Life is what you make of it and we will rise above it all to our better good and it didn’t take long. Just a few hours after unlocking our resume, we got an email wanting to talk with us about a great opportunity. We talked, we accepted, and we are once again gainfully employed.

We decided to take a few days to unwind from all the drama and just enjoy ourselves. We headed to our next adventure on the 3rd, just on the other side of the mountain near the Grand Tetons, so we have a different area to explore. And, we began our first day on the 4th. 

So far the work , the managers and the other workers feel right…no drama…no outbursts…no micromanaging, and they treat us like competent grown ups…amazing!

Sugar RV Park

265 Propeat Drive

Sugar City, ID 

(208) 539-7336

 4/21, 7/21

We paid $37.30 per night using our Good Sam 10% discount Membership for a water, 30/50 amp electric, sewer site on level gravel with a grass area. 

There are no facilities…under extensive construction…lots of big boy’s toys coming around the park during daytime hours. Even though you can see the highway, it’s a few turns away to get to the park. The trains are directly next to the park, during our 3 day visit, we seen about 6 trains. Scenery was spectacular.

The sites are beginning to fill up with long timers and many have unleashed dogs.

On the road to the park there is a meat store that we stopped and picked up some jerky and steaks and they were scrumptious.

Not sure if we would stay again while passing through or if we would recommend due to no facilities. It looks as if they are doing improvements but until they complete them, paying almost $40 for a site only just isn’t worth it.