Where we’ve been…All 48 lower…Where we are…Extensively traveling…Working and having a blast!

Where we’ve been…All 48 lower…Where we are…Extensively traveling…Working and having a blast!

Saturday, December 02, 2023

Enjoying Our Time in Arizona

We left Tucson on an extremely windy day, but the worse was behind us at all times. Looking forward at weather apps, the wind was not supposed to be as bad on our journey, so we decided to leave early and if it got worse, we would stop and get a room. It was so windy while we were packing up that my shirt almost blew over my head, the neighbors certainly got a show. For most of the drive the wind was there but not really intrusive, there were only a few areas where it was extreme, but it only lasted a few miles, we made it to our next destination in Mesa still intact.

We will be hanging out here in Apache Junction/Mesa for a few months truly enjoying the spectacular weather. 

We decided to do a traditional Thanksgiving meal that we have not done in years…AND, will not be doing anytime soon again. What a lot of work, and much more work doing it in a RV with much less room than we had in our stationary home. 

Our menu included a stuffed turkey with homemade scratch stuffing, real mashed potatoes with real giblet gravy, yams, cranberry sauce, stuffed celery, brown n serve biscuits, and to end with pumpkin pie with whipped cream!

We cooked a huge Turkey, mainly for the leftover for sandwiches, soup and Turkey Ala King like my mom used to make so many years ago. We ate off of it for the next week or so…life is good!

We also decided to pull out the Christmas stuff and decorate for the first time in our trailer, what a difference then when we were in Maggie. It looked as if we had a lot of decorations, but with all this space that was not the same, but we made it work with just a few additional purchases and it all looks great.

How have we lived without a bidet all of our lives? As we grow older, we love doing special things for ourselves, so we chose to give a bidet a try! WOW…OMG…LIFE CHANGING…NUFF SAID!

Though we love selling those wonderful cocktail drinks, we were not making any money working with Lt Blender, so we got another great offer and we decided to give it a shot! We will fill you in on it all in a few weeks after we have given it our best as we usually do. 

We also confirmed our summer plans, and it is all magnificent! It took some time AGAIN for us to realize that once we let go and get out of our own way and just live in the present moment and not try to control every aspect of our lives, things were able to just fall into place. Life is pretty damn special!


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