Where we’ve been…All 48 lower…Where we are…Extensively traveling…Working and having a blast!

Where we’ve been…All 48 lower…Where we are…Extensively traveling…Working and having a blast!

Monday, October 30, 2023

Southern Arizona Stays

We stayed at Valley Vista RV Resort in Benson, Arizona. So nice to be back in resort land where there are no fires, no screaming kids, and no partying neighbors. We have stayed here many times, and the place is still in great shape with just a few minor updates. We enjoyed the pool daily, but due to the extreme temperatures, we only enjoyed the hot tub once.  

Due to the 12,000 miles traveled, our trailer was filthy, so prior to us arriving in Benson, Arizona, we stopped in Willcox, Arizona at the truck wash and for only $60 they did an excellent job getting all the road grime off. Then we were able to take an area at a time and polish the trailer, well when I say we, I mean Jerry. I worked on the inside honey do’s, like finding a way to stop the heat from coming through the windows on our super slide. We had tinted the windows, put up blackout curtains but it still felt extremely hot when the sun is on that side. Next, we got a sun block draping to cover the entire slide on the outside and then also attached dark screen material to the inside of the windows. I wanted to see out, but really needed the suns heat to stay out, and it works. We had been pricing the professionally installed window shades and just felt it was too costly, so for under $100 total, we have extremely dropped the heat index.

I had also done some reorganizing in preparation for our slide repair, it ended up being a semi major repair. They did not at this time have to remove the entire slide to replace seals or anything else, but it was still costly for them to adjust everything, and it still jumps. That has to do with the under thingy resisting movement because of the engineer's stupid decisions when designing these super slides! We did get our awning replaced that helps with the heat.

We moved to Tucson at the Voyager RV Resort for a few weeks while we worked the Sam’s Club for Lt Blender. It finally looks like the close to 100-degree temperatures are leaving the area, and it couldn’t happen soon enough.

Storms with wind, thunder, hail, and lightning came through the area and brought the temps down to a high of 68 with a brisk wind that felt so good until the storm began to get severe. The hail began to get heavier, which we all know living in these tin boxes, the noise is absolutely horrendous. Just as the hail lightened up, we seen a huge flash out our door and then the loudest crack I have ever heard. It was deafening and sounded as if it hit right next to us, which the hit was actually a few sites away when it hit a few palm trees. Thank goodness it didn’t hit anything else.

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