Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Monday, December 26, 2022

So Much Is Happening…Great Things!

We are still in Yuma, Arizona operating the Fun Times Café at the Sun Vista RV Resort, baking all sorts of goodies and putting out some nice food!

We have moved out of the 5th Wheel they allowed us to stay in and with working full time, it only took 2 weeks.


We bought a 2015 Keystone Cougar travel trailer that was such a great deal it is ours outright…NO NOTE! Life is grand!

We have, as usual, remodeled it all…first we have had to downsize from all the stuff we have accumulated since January when we said goodbye to Maggie. It is so amazing how much we bought in just a few short months, furnishing apartments and most of it just won’t fit in our Cougar. Our extremely comfortable King Size bed won’t fit, our TV & Wine Stands, desk chair, lamps, end tables, shoe racks, rugs, clothes, and so much more…all being sold for hardly nothing or donated. 


We removed the uncomfortable couch & dinette and even though our recliners don’t really fit, we are making them work because we are not selling those, they are just so comfortable and we need the daily massages. 

We also removed the old stairs that were so scary and replaced them with these absolutely sturdy and safe ones that made such a huge difference.

The mattress was soft and mushy, so we replaced it with a firm cooling mattress just like our King, only a short Queen. The bedroom is a bit cramped but we will learn to live with it for awhile.

We are in the process of removing the glass shower doors that are extremely heavy and don’t slide very well, we are replacing them with a curved shower rod and curtain. The shower stall is huge and so comfortable.

The porcelain toilet has a foot flusher and we really love the hand flusher, so we are replacing it too! But, the great news is we fought the poop monster and we won! Seems like we were left with a pyramid…Ugh!

The downsizing has been the most challenging because reselling items are just too hard. Nobody wants to pay high dollar for quality, like new items. We are selling items we paid hundreds for a few months ago and only getting dollars for them. We don’t want to pay any more storage for items we will never get their value and we need to get our trailer ready for travel in just a few short months, so EVERYTHING MUST GO! Either by selling or we will donate or trash the rest this week.

We are having difficulty connecting our DTV to our trailer. Currently, we have the cable wire coming straight from the dish through a window directly into the TV. The cable plug outside doesn’t seem to be connected to the cable plug inside so we are trying to figure it out ourselves without calling in the pros. We have to call the pros for replacing the outer layer of the skylight in the shower because it’s cracked and I do not allow Jerry up on our roof or on the high ladders anymore.


The weather here has been almost perfect, especially compared to the rest of the nation, these temperatures are one of the main reasons we love to hang out in Arizona in the winter.

Life is grand and we are enjoying every moment, keeping busy but also taking those precious moments to reconnect with our hearts and each other. Life is way too short to waste any moment with regret or trying to repair old hurts that are over and done. We are living in the moment, forgiving ourselves for any and all mistakes that we have made, taking the time to enjoy the here and now! 2023 is right around the corner and it’s going to be exciting but today is even more precious!


PJ said...

Wow….your RV looks beautiful. Congratulations on having it all paid in full. This will give you freedom. We are camping in Palm Springs and the weather has been amazing.

Ali Workentin said...

We are so happy for both of you!!! And how sweet the camper is paid for!!! We have two recliners and a futon in our trailer and we make them work...we needed the futon for grands to stay on and we both like our recliners. We also took out the doors for our shower and put in a curved rod and shower curtain...love it and it gives us more room!!! Love your new steps...safety is important!!! We need to have our skylight resealed and I agree...Ron is not allowed on the roof or up on ladders!!! The food pictures look so yummy!!!! Are those homemade cinnamon rolls? Would love the recipe! Blessings to you both!!!