Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
We are extensively traveling around...working and having a blast...Life is Grand!

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Life Is Strange…

We worked our two events at local high schools and it was nice, nothing like it had been but at least it happened. No parents were allowed so it was only the kids purchasing items. We miss the parents and all the chats with them, but the kids have been great as usual. We had 2 one day events, 1 four day and a 5 day event scheduled, but as it happens lately, our 4 and 5 day events had been postponed until March. It looks as if we will be taking the rest of February off and just relax.

We had Tacos with no beans, we made Mexican Rice instead with fresh cilantro, avocado, tomatoes, and lots of lime...I use white corn shells and Jerry likes the yellow corn shells…it was so refreshing and so yummy!

Just a few paragraphs about our opinions because this is still America and we still have rights…


It feels as if this Scamdemic is coming to an end and life will be back to normal soon, it’s almost like magic. What a joke it has all been, but just grateful that it’s coming to a magical end. Our plans are changing at an all time record pace and it’s really getting annoying, but we are bouncing back and making the best out of it all and not panicking. This is all thanks to having each other, knowing that together we will handle it and always come out above it all.


Here in Arizona, gas has gone up 60 cents a gallon since Biden took office...who didn’t see this coming? All the sheeples...that’s who...and now they’re quiet and not being so intrusive because they don’t want to admit their blindness. We all lost in this crooked voting and now we are losing so much more with this administration...so sad, but true! We seen this all coming and now we just pray we survive this administration and they don’t destroy all the greatness you did for the Americans. Thank you, President Trump!

Because I had been in the business world for decades, working with doctors, lawyers and schools, I have always been a grammar freak and I have seen SO MANY errors lately it makes me cringe for our future, I  even find myself slacking. Not just on the internet, but now everywhere...last night we seen it on a program we were watching on national television...instead of “off” it was spelled “of”...we need more grammar checkers and less of those stupid fact checkers.


We all have our prejudices to endure…the fat, the bald, the black, the white, the old, the young, the man, the woman, the rich, the poor, the gay, the straight…In our own heads we are all fucked up and all need to be treated equally, but instead we are making it harder for us to unite. The most important things are that we are all human beings, with pasts, with issues, with opinions, with ideas, with challenges that have nothing to do with you…they are not shared they are within our hearts and minds. 

We are not going to pay monetary support to people we personally have never enslaved. We will not pay for our ancestors blindness, they did the best they could with what they knew at the time in their lives if and when we know better we do better. We all need to stop putting wedges between us and truly find ways to unite us all, just saying it does not accomplish it, saying one thing and doing the complete opposite is just ludicrous.


The now generations have got to get thicker skin and stop all the crying and whining about EVERYTHING or else they will never survive old age, because it is not for the weak, trust us, we are feeling it hard. We all need to STOP placing blame on everything and everyone else and learn to take responsibility for our parts in the situation and do everything to make things better. 


We’re going to do our part and we pray everyone else will do the same…showing kindness, appreciation and love as much as possible will be our contribution to a better understanding of this now crazy world.


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Carol K said...

Good blog, as usual, Kimberly. I like to read your opinions, especially since I agree with them!