Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!

Where We've Been (46 out of 50 States)...Where We Are!
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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Lodge at Geneva Lake & Our Wine Tour

Lodge at Geneva on the Lake
4800 North Broadway
Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH 44041

Our original plan was to just stay and relax for 2 days but added an extra night while we readjusted our plans to head to the east coast since the uncertainty of Matthew still existed. Could not have picked a better place to stay. A bit costly but thank goodness the company picked up more than half of our costs or it would have been about $200 per night which is definitely out of our budget range.

Our view was spectacular and we were up on the 3rd floor so we slept with our sliding glass door open all night so we could hear the sounds of the water, the wind and the geese…it was glorious.

We ate a few meals at Horizon’s which is located in the hotel…

Since we were not driving we chose to have some wine, one Sangria and a nice, sweet, fresh Riesling from the local wineries...

We started with Popcorn Walleye...How we missed good Walleye...

For dinner Jerry had the Beer Battered Fish & Chips…

And I ate the Asparagus Ravioli…

Both were good but neither were spectacular, but the Popcorn Walleye was fabulous.

We also had the Breakfast Buffet one morning that had some good choices, especially the Potato Pancakes and the French Toast…

We took the Wine Tour which Frank, our shuttle driver and guide picked us up at the hotel and we went to several wineries, Jerry was patiently waiting to load the shuttle...

Our first stop was at Kosicek Vineyards, where we tasted the best Slushy Wines, one was a Riesling and the other was Dam Red, both had the uniqueness of being frozen but they both had a sweet and yummy frozen delight to them. 

We also tasted several others, including a Vidal Blanc, Niagara, 534, Blush, and El Nino’ Concord Iced Wine. Most were good but we didn’t purchase any bottles but would have if the slushies could be bottled.

Our next stop was at Ferrante Winery, since coming into the area we had already purchased a few bottles of their brand at local stores. They have Flights which gives you several tastes for a reasonable price…our Flight included Riesling American, Riesling Finger Lakes Signature Series, Vidal Blanc, Bianco, Rosato, Jester’s Blush, Rosso, White and Pink Catawba’s. We enjoyed many of the tastes but since we had already bought the Catawba’s before we bought the Vidal Blanc to take home. I also purchased a grape necklace that I fell in love with.

By this time the shuttle bus had become a singing, laughing ride while Frank took us through some of the great scenic roads, including over a few of the covered bridges in the area.

When we arrived at Debonne Vineyards we were all ready for more shopping and tastings which we did…this time our Flight included, Vidal Blanc and Iced Wine, White and Pink Catawba’s, Moscato-Riesling, Classic Rose and 3 very fruity, very sweet wines…Peach Tree Grigio, Strawberry Rose, Blueberry Noir. They all were good, some better than others but the one that stood out and was worthy of a bottle purchase was the Moscato-Riesling and I also purchased earrings and a ring to go with the necklace we purchased at the last stop.

Our final stop was at church, the South River Vineyard where they were working on the steeple. This was the most unique place of all, it had been years since I have sat in a pew and the years of Catholic school returned to me immediately when I sat on that most uncomfortable pew ever. At the same time, we loved the place and its uniqueness…our Flight included Creation, Temptation, Riesling Reserve and the Blush Ice Wine. They were good blends but nothing stood out for us so we finished our flight and walked the grounds which were so inviting and comforting.

The drive back was much calmer than the other drives, we all seemed to have had enough tastes and we all had bottles to take back with us.

Our stay here was FANTASTIC and we would highly recommend it to everyone and if we ever have the opportunity again, we would definitely stay here and do another wine tour.


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Living in Ohio for 15 years in three different stints, we missed those winieries:(

Along the Way with JnK said...

Those were only a small few of all the others just in that area and we love the wine from that area...sweet and refreshing!